Video from Growtivation shows how to install Gravel Grid Retention System

Landscaping supplies specialist Growtivation has launched the first in a series of ‘How-To’ videos designed to help professional landscapers achieve quick, effective and long-lasting results. The series of handy guides is aimed at giving landscaping professionals easy-to-find, easy-to-view and easy-to-do information on key products within the Growtivation Product That Worx range.

The first video in the series focuses on the popular and unique gravel retention system, EARTHWORX Gravelrings. It demonstrates just how easy it is to install these modular gravel retention panels, which provide a fully permeable solution that effectively contains and stabilises loose aggregate surfacing.

In the video, Growtivation’s sales manager Vernon Elsey and marketing manager Graham Elsey take viewers through the nine steps to installing the EARTHWORX Gravelrings system, offering hints and tips to achieving the very best possible results when it comes to this popular driveway finish.

The video highlights key features of the EARTHWORX Gravelrings gravel retention system, including:

● Unique ring design for optimum strength
● Excellent load bearing capacity – in excess of 350 tonnes per sqm
● Suitable for pedestrians and vehicles
● Open mesh base means no silt build-up
● Fully permeable gravel surface
● Prevents gravel migration, sinking and rutting
● Come in handy 500 x 500mm panels, pre-assembled to 1m² making them easy to transport and fast to lay
● Interlocking for quick and easy installation
● Less gravel as cells only 25mm deep (without compromising strength)
● Fully compatible with EARTHWORX Grassrings
● Available in black and white

Growtivation is dedicated to providing effective solutions that make life easier for landscaping professionals, while producing results that will wow their customers and clients.

The ‘How To Install EARTHWORX Gravelrings’ video is available to be viewed on the Growtivation website on the EARTHWORX product range page, which is mobile-friendly, making it easy to view and follow when on-site too.

Find out more about the EARTHWORX range by downloading a free copy of their Ground Control That Works guide to grass and gravel stabilisation.

To find out where to purchase Growtivation products, visit their online Where to Buy facility.

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