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Harrowden Turf in TV Garden Refurbishment

Architect Zac Munro believes that outdoor space is just as important as indoors when it comes to designing homes. In this two year project that was filmed for Channel 4’s InsideOut Homes programme, Zac transforms a Manchester town house into a practical home for an a-typical family.

The house becomes two homes. A basement flat for Dad and a two storey apartment for Mum, her new partner and the children.

Whilst the adults need their own space, the children need to spend time with each of their parents individually. Zac designs the garden to become a communal space where adults and children can spend time together, in comfort and on neutral territory.

A large lawn, a seating area and an outdoor TV screen make the perfect place for this family to relax.

“This kind of TV programme highlights the importance of synchronising garden and interior design for a flowing, integrated feel that makes full use of every square centimetre of a property,”says Stuart Ridd-Jones Harrowden Turf’s finance director. “It’s such a shame when the garden is the last thing considered ina building project and the attitude is to ‘bung a bit of grass seed down’ to make it look better. If everybody were to value their outside space a whole lot more, imagine how the nation’s wellbeing would improve.”

“In this case,” adds Stuart, “the Harrowden Turf isn’t the main player in the design – but the garden would be a lot less green and inviting without it. I’m pleased to see that the family are enjoying their garden.”

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