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Hillier Nurseries has unveiled plans for its RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2020 exhibit

The Stihl Hillier Garden will be a celebration of the company’s 155-year history and achievements, as it aims for a landmark 75th consecutive gold medal.

Hillier Nurseries will be taking centre stage with its vast exhibit in the Grand Pavilion. It will be an immersive walkthrough, winding around the famous central monument bursting with planting inspiration throughout. The stunning display will cover 387.5m2, a staggering 85% increase on the 2019 garden.

Visitors will first approach an historic shopfront replica of the original Hillier shop in Winchester (that was purchased in 1864). This transports visitors back to the humble beginnings of the company which started from a single florist shop and small patch of nursery land. Following a path past the shop, visitors will discover a large garden with a stone-walled walkway taking them on a journey filled with semi-mature trees, large shrubs and colourful herbaceous planting schemes. The finale of the garden’s winding walkway will be a water feature– a place to reflect on 155 years of history.

Lilly Gomm will join the team as designer for the second year running. Lilly made her Chelsea debut with Hillier in 2019, winning gold.

Discussing this year’s design Lilly said:
“It is an absolute honour to be working with Hillier again, particularly this year as the company celebrates its history with its exhibit. The design this year is intended to capture the essence of Hillier, stand out and be memorable, at the same time as featuring the detailed stunning planting and variety that Hillier is known for.”

Hillier Nurseries will be taking its design to new heights as the garden will feature a staggering 21 Hillier mature trees. Among the trees there will be pockets of planting and splashes of colour.

For more information on Hillier click here.

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