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Hillier unveils new sustainable growing facility

by | 25 Jun 24 | Supplier News, Sustainability

Construction begins on Hillier’s new sustainable growing facility, located at its Hampshire nursery, in an effort to facilitate all-year-round growing potential.

As weather conditions continue to fluctuate, Hillier says it was seeking a “solution to enable its growing team” to produce plants at the right time of year, regardless of weather.

The new structure spans 1.2 hectares of the 40-hectare Hillier container nurseries, with the ability to deliver stable temperatures due its heightened air mass and 45% roof venting capacity; keeping plants cool in summer and warmer in the winter.

Offering high levels of light transmission to facilitate plant growth, as well as a contemporary precision irrigation system to enable accurate water delivery.

Temperature, humidity and air movement will be regulated throughout the structure by an environmental computer linked to fans and vents, while 20% of the custom-build greenhouse will be covered by an automated shade screen, responsive to light levels.

Once established, plants will be watered from below via a capillary floor, to reduce the risk of disease. While a liquid feed system will enable the feeding of plants to optimise crop nutrition.

Designed by Belgium company, VDH Foliekassen, and installed by Agrowser with internal fittings and project management by Ebtech, the new growing facility has specifically been designed for its suitability for the range of plants Hillier grows.

Chris Francis, retail and wholesale director says the team are looking forward to start potting in the greenhouse this autumn.

“We’ve been searching for a new structure to enable us to grow better plants in sustainable growing media, at an efficient rate, maximising the number of plants we can grow, no matter the weather, and this delivers exactly that!”

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