What do Homeowners Need to Know about Garden Renovation

Many homeowners have turned to renovations during the pandemic, especially in the garden. This is a sensible move because it can be a good use of your time having to spend so much of it at home, plus it can help to improve your living space and the backyard has become an even more important place in terms of socialising with others. Read on to discover the key things that you will need to consider when it comes to garden renovations.


First, you need to think about the kind of garden renovation that you want to complete. You need to consider the space that you have to work with and then spend some time researching different options so that you can come up with a general idea that takes into account walls and boundaries, hedges and fences, paths and patios, laws and zoning areas.

Budget & Finance

Next, you need to work out how much the project is going to cost you along with how you are going to finance the work. Obviously, it will depend on what you want to have done but there are a few options in terms of funding. Equity release is a common funding method for renovation projects with Key reporting that renovations were used for 17% in Q1, 14% in Q2 and 3% in Q3 of equity releases in 2020.

Using a Professional

While you certainly can complete garden renovations yourself, many prefer to use the services of a professional especially if they are not confident in DIY. While this will be the most expensive route, it can greatly reduce stress as well as provide you with a professional-standard end product which will make a big difference to your home and life. When it comes to finding the right professional for the job, you should always get a few quotes and spend some time talking with each one. Keep in mind that cheapest is not best in this case and could even end up costing you more in the long run, so instead focus on finding someone with a good reputation and someone who understands exactly what you want.


As homeowners, you must also consider the disruption that garden renovations can cause, especially during the pandemic when it will be hard to escape. You must also warn your neighbours to keep them on side and to make sure that it does not interfere with their life too much.

A garden renovation can make a big difference to a homeowners entire life, especially during the pandemic. These are the key areas that you will need to focus on when planning a home renovation project and it is important that you consider all factors as it can be expensive, a major project and cause disruption if you decide to go ahead.

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