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Horticulture can play a ‘crucial role’ in achieving climate change targets, says RHS

by | 26 Sep 23 | Nature & Biodiversity, News, Sustainability

The horticulture sector has the potential to play a ‘crucial role’ in helping the UK achieve its ‘ambitious’ climate change targets, says the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society).

Last week Rishi Sunak announced the government’s plans to delay the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030 to 2035, and the phasing out of gas boilers.

Sunak backed the decision to push back the UK’s net zero goals by stating he wanted to take a “more pragmatic, proportionate and realistic approach.”

Director general of the RHS, Clare Matterson says, “we are painfully aware that we face a climate crisis, and that every effort to tackle it counts. It is therefore deeply concerning that the government have announced the watering down of their net zero commitments.

“Such a move not only weakens our ability to reach net zero as a country by 2050, but would also be damaging to the UK’s global standing on environmental issues.”

“With 30 million gardeners and millions more utilising green spaces in the UK, the horticulture sector can play a crucial role in achieving ambitious climate change targets.

“Within the decade the RHS aims to become net positive for nature and to encourage and enable the gardening public to do the same.

“Gardens and gardening can help us to be more climate resilient through carbon sequestration, insulating and energy saving, cooling, and pollution capture.”

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