Hot house plants in bloom

Flowering house plants can bring that much needed cheer and colour into your home. Bringing the outside inside is a hugely popular trend at the moment, which seems to have intensified as a result of the pandemic. Many of these plants have long bloom times which provide a perfect and inexpensive way of creating a holiday vibe in your home!


Commonly called the eternal flame, this tropical plant has dark moody foliage with vibrant flame shaped orange flowers. They can bloom for up to three months, and definitely prefer more humid environments.


The Aechmea Fasciata, native to Brazil, is an Epiphylic Bromeliad with large pink flower spikes. They have a combination of pink bracts and small purple blooms within their silver marked rosette leaves.


For the more low-light lovers, the Guzmania is an easy to care for option that needs to stay out of any direct sunlight. With blooms that last up to 12 weeks, the plant is available in many colours and will certainly add a tropical feel to any home.


The Exotic Medinilla has pink chandelier like blooms that cascade down from the dark waved succulent leaves – they’re always a talking point! Working as another low maintenance option, these flowers can bloom for up to a whole five months.


A showy choice. With its bright sword like flowers, this plant can last up six months. Thriving in bright but indirect sunlight.


The tall flower stem bears several blooms, with leaves that are long and dagger like. They certainly make an impressive display, even when the flowering is over.

Ian Drummond is the creative director of Indoor Garden Design and In Tray Plants. He has created several indoor gardens at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, and overall is plant obsessed!

For more, follow him on Instagram @plantman_about_town.

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