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Houseplant Appreciation Week: What will be most popular this year?

Ian Drummond, award winning interior landscaper and RHS Chelsea Flower Shower multi-medal winner, discusses the perfect houseplants for 2022 and how to care for them

Each year Houseplant Appreciation Week reminds us of all the benefits house plants have to offer and how important it is for us to keep fresh, vibrant, greenery in our homes.

Year after year, costumers are on the search for a new type of plant to bring home. The love for houseplants grew intensely throughout 2021 and, for so many of us, they were the only source of contact we had with nature throughout the lockdowns.

Along with some helpful maintenance tips, here are six fantastic houseplants Ian predicts will be popular throughout 2022:


This easy to care for plant has beautiful oak shaped leaves and is used as a hanging plant due to its low water requirement. It can withstand medium heat and is tolerant of low light exposure.


The Syngonium Podophyllum is also a low light tolerant option, however, it will grow faster and maintain its vibrant markings if it is grown in medium or bright indirect light. Make sure you allow the soil to dry in-between watering and you keep the plant away from the cold and drafts.


The Saintpaulia needs to be watered with tepid water at the base. Ensure you avoid water sitting on the foliage as it will cause damage. This plant requires high light levels and warm temperatures.


The Spathiphyllum is an incredibly popular choice of house plant due to its low maintenance. This plant requires medium to low level light, and needs to be kept moist. Avoid overwatering, and keep it away from drafts and the cold too!


The Begonia is commonly known for its beautiful, velvety, and colourful foliage. You will need to allow this plant to dry between watering, and ensure it is kept in a warm area. This beauty requires high humidity and has a penchant for shade and/or partial shade.


The Hoya plant prefers filtered to bright light, and thrives in warm, humid environments. This plant needs to be watered very sparingly during winter – with just enough so the soil doesn’t dry out. However, watering will need to increase during the summer months to keep it healthy.

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