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How is Tyler Grange faring in its four-day week?

by | 01 Jul 22 | Features, News

Tyler Grange speaks to us about how the company is getting on in its ‘four-day work week’ trial.

Tyler Grange introduced a four-day work week at the beginning of June, allowing its staff to work Monday to Thursday without a reduction in pay. When asked about the biggest change this transition introduced two weeks into its new work week, director Jonathan Berry says: “The biggest change has definitely been having to alter established working practices and our daily operations…

“We’ve had to analyse how we currently work and see where we are spending too much time on tasks. Through the use of new systems and technology we’ve basically created a much more productive way of working.”

One thing Jonathan Berry didn’t expect was the amount of positive support and feedback Tyler Grange has received in the industry and from clients so far. Despite the change from a five-day-week to a four-day-week effecting how the company communicates, 99% of its clients have endorsed the change.

Tyler Grange has effectively enabled others within the industry to learn from it and see how this change effects a company, becoming “a catalyst within our industry for others to follow.” One of the most creative and informative ways it has introduced this is through its blog where it is giving honest updates on how the trial is going, enabling others to watch them evolve first-hand.

Within three to six months Jonathan Berry predicts “a healthier, more productive and a happier business on the evidence that has been gathered from around the world by the four-day week global campaign and people like Autonomy UK, Oxford and Cambridge, and Boston University…All that evidence is showing that it results in positive things for teams and we’re seeing that already even after two weeks.” Jonathan and his team know “it won’t be plain sailing but overall, I think we definitely see less sick leave and we’ll see a greater improvement in mental and physical health.”

In addition to this trial, Tyler Grange is also working on a new project, Meon Vale, where it will be creating a ‘vibrant, self-contained and sustainable’ mixed-use development. Stratford upon Avon’s walking and cycling route, the greenway, and includes more than 1,000 dwellings and 800,000 sq ft of employment space.

Large projects such as these will be the test of how effective a four-day working week can be, but Tyler Grange is setting itself up for success.

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Tyler Grange trialling 4-day week

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