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How Quality & Service Ltd is working with nature

by | 06 Mar 24 | Long Reads, Nature & Biodiversity, Sustainability

Quality and Service (Q&S) Ltd is striving to become “the landscape service provider of choice” but without compromising on its environmentally friendly approach.

The privately-owned company works without the use of chemicals, implementing sustainable, biodiverse rich working practices that “aim to challenge the status quo.” With the wholesale use of biological controls, opposed to being chemical reliant, Q&S is “not afraid to think outside of the box and are always looking to see how we can improve or redefine our practices,” says joint managing director Sue Payne.

“Aside from my children, John [Rodgers] and I starting Q&S from zero to the award-winning fiercely independent SME – or family – it is now, is one of my greatest achievements,” says Payne. “Having a company that confidently holds its own against the larger, national companies, speaks for itself.”

Payne is passionate about fewer chemicals being used for grounds maintenance and for fewer biodiversity deficient planting schemes, saying Q&S is committed to embedding sustainability into every aspect of its operations, including exploring opportunities for enhancing biodiversity and protecting the natural habitat throughout its client’s sites.

Working practices are based on sustainability and prioritise minimising the waste produced either by re-using or recycling, soil sampling to ensure plants are matched to soil type and applying and adhering to the biodiversity standards set by the company.

Concerned about themes around greenwashing or offsetting such as making misleading claims made about the environmental benefits of working practices, or products, rather than implementing actual sustainable, biodiverse rich working practices, Payne aims to concentrate efforts on grasping the opportunities that continue to share Q&S’ enthusiasm for nature and its expertise in sustainability, biodiversity, and urban horticulture.

Deciding early on to concentrate on the commercial and urban sector, Q&S has been working on its bespoke, ecological maintenance processes with “hospitality style service excellence” and has grown over 300% since it was founded in 2000.

The company now has more than 60 employees offering services across landscape maintenance, design and installation, urban horticulture, biodiversity and sustainability consultancy and management. It caters for a variety of clients such as blue-chip companies, managing agents, hospital trusts, charities, real estate companies and financial services.

Aiming to increase its company profile and showcase its practices, Q&S entered the inaugural Pro Landscaper Sustainability and Biodiversity Awards last year, winning the Landscape Company category. “Our positively disruptive working practices with sustainability and biodiversity at their core, allow us to deliver nature-based solutions and landscapes to thrive,” says Payne.

“Generally, there is a positive buzz in the air, which makes now an exciting time to be involved in this industry,” says Payne. “Take the lead from nature and work with it, not against it.”

Sticking to this mantra, Q&S and its success over the last two decades serves as a reminder of what’s possible in commercial landscaping.

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