How to upgrade your outdoor space to a smart garden

Many of us have developed green fingers in the past year or so as the pandemic has reignited our appreciation for outdoor space. Allotment waiting lists grew ever longer while plant, seed and gardening equipment sales boomed. But another emerging trend you might be less familiar with is smart gardening…

Smart home technology has so far largely been limited to kitchen devices, temperature controls and security equipment. But there’s no reason why you can’t embrace this kind of technology outdoors too.

Below we explain what smart gardening is and explore what it’s capable of when armed with the right devices.

What exactly is smart gardening?

The phrase itself may conjure up images of wise horticulturalists using advanced tricks to maintain their green spaces. But smart gardening simply describes using technology and automated systems to save time, energy and money – and anyone can do it!

Adopting technology can help both new and experienced gardeners with plant care, landscape design and more, all while reducing the level of human effort required. It’s ideal for people with busy schedules as well as those who want to ensure optimal results.

What equipment can I use?

So what exactly can you do with smart gardening and how can you get started?

There are a wide range of products out there that can help you create a healthier garden with less work. That includes both inexpensive solutions such as programmable minicomputers as well as more costly systems.

Below are some of the main types of smart gardening technology you could invest in:

  • Gardening apps: Green mobile apps can assist with a range of tasks from landscape design to plant ID. Many are available for free too so there’s no need to blow your plant budget!
  • Smart plant monitors: Plant monitors can be inserted directly into soil to track a range of metrics such as moisture, light, humidity and even soil nutrients.
  • Smart sprinklers: Tired of watering your garden? Smart sprinklers can manage irrigation on an industrial scale while adjusting to weather patterns and identifying leaks too.
  • Smart gardens: These systems can provide their own light, watering and heat levels to make growing food and herbs inside simple.
  • Smart mowers: Similar to robotic vacuums, smart mowers can find their own way across a lawn and trim it consistently to keep yours looking neat. No sweat required!
  • Robotic weeders: Weeding is another tiring but necessary gardening task that could soon be taken care of by robots instead. No more nasty chemicals either!
  • Expandable pots: Repotting plants can be a messy and expensive affair – but not with smart pots that expand in tandem with your plants growing.

Is your green space in need of some technological support? Research smart gardening equipment and discover how you can take your pride and joy to the next level.

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