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Husqvarna CEORA™ Kickstarts a New Era in Commercial Turf Care

Husqvarna CEORA™, the much-anticipated solution for commercial turf care management, is finally here.  CEORA™ is expected to revolutionise an industry dominated by heavy, conventional diesel mowers that require manual operation, as it can independently mow an area the equivalent of up to eight football pitches day or night. This significantly reduces overall costs and allows staff to focus on value-adding tasks. The electric operation minimises noise and reduces emissions to zero*. The machine itself is purpose built to be autonomous and is designed with safety in mind. Key features include its light weight, safer blades and ability to detect objects and move around them. In the future, the ground-breaking solution of CEORA™ opens up for a wide range of accessories, including to help with fertilizing, lawn striping or collecting golf balls.

Husqvarna has been the pioneer in helping millions of homeowners make the switch from manual mowers to robotic. Now Husqvarna takes commercial turf care into the next era by offering a large-scale robotic solution that increases the quality of the lawn whilst reducing costs by approximately 30% compared with conventional commercial mowers**. CEORA™ makes the lawn greener and denser thanks to its unique cutting technology, low weight and opportunity to mow more frequently. Instead of manually operating the mower, professionals simply use their smartphones to control how, when and where CEORA™ mows.  The performance on the lawn is efficient and systematic, mowing in a lane-by-lane sequence. Maintenance during the season is limited to changing blades and cleaning.

“Commercial turf care is about to be revolutionised thanks to CEORA™. I am confident that it will be a much-appreciated addition to any team of landscape professionals – a quiet, smart and autonomous colleague that will happily perform the most tedious tasks whenever needed. Not only is the pitch always ready for play, professionals free up their time for other tasks.” says Valentin Dahlhaus, Vice President at Husqvarna.

Flexible use and increased control

Safety features and reduced carbon footprint

CEORA™ is designed to avoid obstacles. With the ultrasonic remote object avoidance system, the mower slows down soon as it senses an approaching object. As a positive side effect, this increases uptime by eliminating interruptions and undesired stops. Emissions are reduced to zero*, helping golf and football clubs as well as other public and commercial landowners to significantly lower their carbon footprint.


Husqvarna will launch two models – Husqvarna CEORA™ 544 EPOS and Husqvarna CEORA™ 546 EPOS – that will be available in Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Poland, at selected Husqvarna pro-partners from the first quarter of 2022.  As part of a first year introductory offer, CEORA™ 544 EPOS has RRP 24 900 EUR and Husqvarna CEORA™ 546  has RRP 28 900 EUR. It is also available as a lease option in selected markets.

* Zero emission means no direct emissions during use.

** Based on calculations made by Husqvarna, using estimates of total cost of ownership of CEORA compared with a conventional ride-on-mower, on average over a 5 year period.  Calculations of total cost of ownership include installation, staff, energy consumption, service, maintenance and repairs in Europe on average.

About Husqvarna CEORA™ 544 EPOS and Husqvarna CEORA546 EPOS (PRELIMINARY FACTS)

Dimensions:124 x 108 x 44 cm
Weight:70 kg
Cutting capacity20 000 m2/25 000 for every day mowing.

40 000 m2/50 000 m2 for every second day mowing.

60 000 m2/75 000 m2 for every third day mowing.

Cutting height:20-70mm
Cutting pattern:Systematic, meaning it mows in a lane by lane sequence.
Area management:Up to 20 different areas
Reference station range:Up to 500m
Accessory:Rear wheel brushes

EPOS reference station

For more information please contact Husqvarna’s UK PR agency Wolfstar: Claire Lomax claire@wolfstarconsultancy.com / 0771 433 8198.

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