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Husqvarna launch UK’s first robotic lawnmower giveaway

The world’s largest producer of outdoor power products, Husqvarna, is today launching the UK’s first and biggest robotic lawnmower giveaway worth over £300,000.

The aptly named Husqvarna Automower® Challenge aims to recruit 100 participants from across the UK to trial the Husqvarna Automower® in their garden, allowing them to see for themselves the benefits of the world’s most advanced robotic mower.

Over the last three years, sales in Scandinavia have risen 200%, while in France, following a similar Husqvarna Automower® Challenge last year, sales increased by 150%.

In the UK, the market has been slower to recognise the benefits of the robotic opportunity. Though Husqvarna hopes this is all about to change.

Husqvarna UK sales and marketing director, Ken Brewster explained: “The awareness around robotic lawnmowers in the UK is significantly lower than in Europe. We want to show UK gardeners that robotic lawnmowers have huge benefits immediately saving time, eliminating noise, ease of use and environmental advantages.

“English lawns have a world-wide reputation of being immaculate, lush and, of course, striped, and what we’re curious to find out is how much culture plays a big role when it comes to maintaining the lawn. We are eager to learn how the gardening nation will experience and respond to having a robotic mower managing their lawn.”

The Husqvarna Automower® Challenge will be open for entries from 18 February to 31 March when the final 100 will be revealed. Each participant will receive a model of robotic mower to suit the size and complexity of their lawn, which will be installed by a specialist Husqvarna dealer from the beginning of April.

Ken added: “This is one of the largest campaigns Husqvarna, as a company, has ever undertaken in the UK, not only do 100 gardeners get to test one of the best-selling robotic lawnmowers on the market today, but they get to keep it and continue to use and maintain their lawn.”

To qualify to take part in the challenge, participants must have access to a lawn which is between 500m2 and 6,000m2, be active on social media and be able to capture and upload video content online, to share their Husqvarna Automower® experiences.

To register to take part in the Husqvarna Automower® Challenge visit


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