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Husqvarna launches latest robotic mower for professional sector

by | 01 Mar 24 | Grounds Maintenance, News, Supplier News

Robotic Mower

Husqvarna has released a new wire-free professional robotic mower for smaller commercial areas.

The Automower® 520 EPOS uses Husqvarna’s virtual boundary technology to mow the lawn, covering 5,000sqm in 48 hours.

It can also use systematic cutting to create patterns, something which Husqvarna says its customers have been requesting. Pre-set patterns such as checkerboard, triangles or diamonds can now be selected using its navigation ability and fast-changing cutting heights.

Husqvarna has been focusing research and development on robotic mower technology, with a “futuristic” vision for how this could benefit the grounds maintenance sector in the next decade.

There are four professional robotic mowers using EPOS technology in Husqvarna’s existing range. Its satellite navigation system delivers an accuracy of two to three centimetres, according to the Swedish manufacturer.

The RRP of the Husqvarna Automower 520 EPOS is £3,779, with the Reference station sold separately at £899.

Read more about the advancements in robotic mower technology in our Summer Kit Special.

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