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    Husqvarna launches two new battery-powered brushcutters

    Husqvarna have announced the launch of two new powerful battery-powered brushcutters. Increased levels of productivity are available for professionals when using the Husqvarna 535iRX or 535iRXT, thanks to the Husqvarna-developed high torque motor, large cutting diameter and effective anti-vibration system.
    The new Husqvarna 535iRX and 535iRXT brushcutters are part of the 500-series product range and offer Husqvarna’s first anti-vibration system on a battery brushcutter. This feature further reduces strain on the user allowing for smoother operation during extended hours of use. These products are also equipped with a new user interface, allowing the user a constant view of the battery status to more easily plan their work.

    Key features of the 535iRX and 535iRXT include:

    True cordless – Full flexibility to choose between internal or backpack battery and these products are also compatible with all Husqvarna BLi batteries. The BLi300 is the recommended choice of battery for best balance and productivity.
    Anti-vibration system – Superior anti-vibration. First on a Husqvarna battery brushcutter.
    Built-in Connectivity (535iRXT) – The integrated Bluetooth® module makes 535iRXT compatible with Husqvarna Connect and Husqvarna Fleet Services, where Husqvarna Fleet Services is specifically designed for commercial users to keep track of the entire machine fleet.
    New user interface – Offers an improved, tactile feel with battery status always visible on the product handle.
    ErgoFeed trimmer head (535iRXT) – Saving time and money, the ErgoFeed trimmer head feeds line with a button and is both easy and robust. Eliminating unintentional line feed when hitting stones and debris.
    Weatherproof design – IPX4 rain resistance classified.
    Availability and price
    The Husqvarna 535iRX/535iRXT bruschcutters are available from February 2020 at Husqvarna dealers and are priced: 535iRX (£519.00) and 535iRXT (£599.00).
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