Husqvarna reveals new 50,000 m2 robotic solution

Husqvarna is launching a solution for commercial turf care management. The new Husqvarna CEORA platform is an autonomous turf care solution for grass areas of up to 50,000 m2. The high performing, low noise and zero emission Husqvarna CEORA mows autonomously and systematically within virtual boundaries.

With Husqvarna CEORA, public and commercial landowners, sports field managers and golf course owners can automate lawnmowing, allowing staff to be redeployed to focus on more value adding tasks. “This is an industry game changer marking the start of a new era in commercial turf care management,” says Valentin Dahlhaus, vice president at Husqvarna.

Husqvarna CEORA is a robotic mower designed specifically for demanding professional applications, operating independently within a defined area. The systematic mowing technology offers cuts in parallel paths. One machine can cover areas up to 50,000 m2. Utilising the Husqvarna EPOS technology with a high-precision satellite navigation system that delivers an accuracy of two to three centimetres, the new Husqvarna CEORA gives the user a new level of flexibility and performance. The EPOS technology allows operation without physical wires, enabling quick digital redefinitions of the work area to accommodate industry-leading flexible use of the lawn, and aerating and scarifying without risking damage to wires.

The new Husqvarna CEORA is Husqvarna’s first step into addressing fast, large-scale systematic mowing, and Husqvarna says it is a future-proof, scalable platform. In the future, it can be further tailored to specific needs, by adding accessories like, for example, lawn striper, fairway deck or line painter and can be paired with other robotic mowers allowing the operator instant and continuous digital monitoring and control of multiple units.

More details about the new Husqvarna CEORA will be presented during summer 2021 and mowers will start shipping to customers from early 2022.

Valentin Dahlhaus adds: “We are transforming the turf care with this innovative, high-performance and reliable turf care solution. The entire 55-acre Great Lawn in Central Park can be managed by five Husqvarna CEORA, working 24/7. Everything is digitally monitored and controlled at your fingertips.”

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