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Husqvarna updates full range of Personal Protective clothing

Husqvarna — one of the world’s leading producers of forest, park and garden products — makes updates to its entire range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for professionals and demanding users, allowing them improved protection and comfort. Out of the range, Technical Extreme receives a major update that improves protection without sacrificing mobility.

Husqvarna Technical Extreme gets a great new feature in this update: Tech-Knee. Technical Extreme is Husqvarna’s ultimate range of protective clothing, made especially for professionals who work in the toughest environments on a daily basis.

With Tech-Knee technology, Technical Extreme now grants professionals enhanced saw protection, thanks to additional fibre layers. This improves the user’s safety, especially in situations where the trousers fit tight to the knee.

The complete knee area on the PPE and the saw protection fabric has been pre-bent to ensure a perfect fit in all working positions, letting users move naturally in their working environment. This means users get exceptional protection without hindering freedom of movement or comfort.

Tech-Knee also lets professionals work comfortably in wet conditions, keeping knees dryer for a longer time, even if users have to kneel on wet ground. This is made possible because of a water-resistant inner lining and an outer layer made of water-repellent fabric. This prevents water and moisture from penetrating the saw protection layers.

Perfect for use all year round, in all conditions

Ventilation openings and zippers keep users cool and promotes regulation of body temperature, especially in hot and humid environments. With ankle straps included on the trousers, users don’t have to worry about snow or insects.

Reflectivity is built into both the Technical Extreme jacket and trousers in the form of reflective fabrics and tapes to enhance the user’s visibility to others, an especially useful feature when users work in dense forests or along roadside areas, or in areas that may not be sufficiently lit.

Technical range

The Husqvarna Technical range is built for forestry professionals who work long hours and need great performance every day. Designed with light stretch fabrics and reinforced panels, as well as pre-bent knees and elbows; the Technical range is both comfortable and durable. Made with a tight fit, the Technical range is meant to be worn close to the body, ensuring that the work is not limited by the clothing. An open yoke, ventilation openings and zippers also means the Technical range keeps users cool throughout their work day.

Functional range

The Husqvarna Functional range includes clothes you can trust when there’s work to be done in the forest. The jacket has reinforcements around the wrists and Cordura® reinforcements on the sleeves. On the trousers, the Functional range features Cordura® reinforcements on the knees and ankles, as well as a completely covered and reinforced chainsaw protection pad, making it harder for saw dust to penetrate the material, as well as limiting overall wear and tear.


Classic range

The Husqvarna Classic range is well suited to users who need PPE that is comfortable and convenient for occasional outdoor work. Features like ventilation openings and an open yoke on the jacket, as well as zippers on the back of the trouser leg keeps users cool while they work. Several pockets have been included on the Classic jacket, giving users convenient access to accessories or tools they might need for their task at hand.

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