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Ian Drummond top plant predictions for 2023

by | 11 Jan 23 | Features, News

Celebrate Houseplant Appreciation week with Ian Drummond as he shares his top plant predictions for 2023.

Ian says:

Plants that are nostalgic, with a throwback to the 1980s will be the theme for indoor plants this year. With greenery –  like the ever popular spider plant and the much loved hanging plants, but also with colour –  the more vibrant, variegated and flowering plants are set to have their place amongst our indoor gardens in 2023.



Probably the most nostalgic house plant and one of the easiest to grow. It can grow in a wide range of conditions and probably one of the reasons for its popularity through the decades – it suffers from few problems apart from brown tips!


In any room that receives sunlight but not directly in the full afternoon sun.

Watering Care:

Water well but do not allow soil to become soggy, good to allow the top of soil to dry out between waterings.



Another popular retro house plant, with its bright green frilly fronds that happily splay out. These ferns can get quite big and feel like a good compact statement plant.


These are the perfect house plants for the bathroom as they require a cool position with high humidity and indirect light.

Watering Care:

Mist with water regularly, it is best to soak the root ball so it is fully hydrated but allow it to drain thoroughly.



With colourful pink, green and white leaves these exotic plants originated in the Amazon of South America.


Keep them in bright indirect light and protect from drafts. These plants also love humidity so the kitchen or bathroom are great for them too.

Watering Care:

With watering they liked to be kept moist but you should allow the top of soil to dry out before next watering.



Cybidiums are one of the most striking and least demanding orchids. They flower from late summer and require moderate watering.


Ensure good light levels all year round but keep cooler in summer below 30 degrees celsius and in winter below 15 degrees celsius.

Watering Care:

Keep the soil moderately moist throughout summer and barely moist in the winter months.



Produces bright red tubular flowers hence its common name the Lipstick plant. It has cascading stems with glossy green leaves and can grow up to 70 cm in length.


It should be kept in a bright position away from direct sunlight.

Watering Care:

Water when the top of the compost feels dry and mist on a regular basis.



Has chunky textured stems which grow up to 30 cm in length with small grey, green leaves. Small pink flowers appear at the tips in the summer and the leaves turn pink when in bright sun.


Position with other dry loving plants, perfect above your bed or sofa!

Watering Care:

Keep in a sunny position and water sparingly, when the top of the compost is dry.

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