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    idverde launch new Community Fund

    Ringing in the New Year was particularly significant for idverde. It crossed the 100-year milestone of caring for British landscapes. Throughout 2019, the business will be holding one event every month to celebrate this green legacy. What better way to start than with the launch of the idverde Community Investment Fund dedicated to improving parks and green spaces.

    Parks and green spaces are at the heart of UK life. They provide opportunities every day for people to relax, play, meet neighbours and experience the natural world. As the ‘green lungs’ of our growing cities they even help tackle the impacts of climate change. As the UK’s largest green space contractor idverde works with the communities where it delivers services.

    The idverde Community Investment Fund is a new initiative aimed at helping communities local to where idverde works. This will directly improve their own park or green space with the help of their neighbours, idverde, and its partners.

    Sarah Hughes Clarke, Strategic Development Director, idverde said:

    “Our former charity ‘Growing a Greener Britain’ was successful in its mission of supporting groups across the UK to enhance their parks.

    “By concentrating on areas where we already have a team in place, local idverde contracts can get more involved. They can provide in-kind and direct support. All in all, we expect an even greater positive impact on local groups and their green spaces.

    More details on the new fund and how to access it can be found at: www.idverde.co.uk/CommunityInvestmentFund/

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