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    idverde UK celebrate widespread success at BALI National Awards

    The company created from the merger of The Landscape Group and Quadron Services Ltd, idverde UK, is delighted to have been awarded eight National Awards at the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) 40th anniversary Awards.

    The BALI Awards are held annually to recognise BALI members who have demonstrated remarkably high standards of professionalism and skill in the execution of a wide variety of landscape schemes.

    idverde UK received awards across five different categories, bearing testament to the broad spectrum of high quality landscaping and maintenance services that clients can expect from idverde UK:

    Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park (Client: Southwark Council) – Grounds Maintenance – Free Public Access;

    Coombe Wood Garden (Client: Croydon Council) – Grounds Maintenance – Free Public Access;

    Queen’s Park, Loughborough (Client: Charnwood Borough Council) – Grounds Maintenance – Free

    Withington Green (Client: The University of Manchester) – Hard Landscaping Construction (Non-domestic) – Construction cost between £300k and £1.5m;

    Exchange Quay, Manchester (Client: Hunter Property Management)–  Hard Landscaping Construction (Non-Domestic) – Construction cost over £1.5 million;

    Gwendwr Gardens (Client: The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham) – Regeneration Scheme – under £500k;

    Manchester Metropolitan University – Regeneration Scheme – under £500k

    Wormholt Park (Client: The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham) – Regeneration Scheme – over £500k.

    Each site was visited by a member of the BALI adjudication panel, who assessed them against criteria including quality of maintenance, sustainability, client satisfaction and overall impression on the visitor.

    Greg Allen, Chair of the BALI adjudication panel, said: “Over the forty years that the BALI National Landscape Awards have been running, the professional attainments of BALI members have consistently reached new heights in quality and excellence year on year, and 2016 is no exception. Attention to detail, which sets BALI members’ work apart, was clearly evident in all the winning schemes, as was a thirst for innovation to resolve complex challenges faced by designers and contractors.”

    Representatives from idverde UK and their clients will join other award-winning BALI members at an awards ceremony at the Grosvenor Hotel, Park Lane, London on 2nd December, where the Principal Award will be presented to the award-winning scheme judged to be the best in its category.

    Clive Ivil, Managing Director of Quadron idverde, said of the three awards in the Grounds Maintenance Free Public Access Category: “This is an excellent result. Winning ‘the triple’ in any profession is always the results of a true and professional team effort. Credit must of course go to our many dedicated staff who work in partnership with our clients year-round to ensure the best standards are delivered to the many people who visit and enjoy their local parks and green spaces.”

    idverde UK’s Chief Executive Officer, Nick Temple-Heald, added: “The two legacy companies of idverde UK have always been enthusiastic participants in these awards, which recognise the very best in our industry. Many congratulations to our dedicated staff and clients for upholding these high standards. This year, our amenity landscapes have a particularly high profile, thanks to the recent Heritage Lottery Fund report on the state of the UK’s parks in 2016, and the forthcoming Communities and Local Government Select Committee Inquiry.

    “We’re looking forward to attending the BALI Awards event, which is always great fun and celebrates the wonderful contribution that landscaping makes to society.”


    The full list of BALI National Award Winners can be views on BALI’s website: http://www.bali.org.uk/industry/news/news_article.bali-award-winners-announced-ahead-of-40th-anniversary-awards.html

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