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How does winning industry awards help benefit a landscaping business?

In the words of Cube 1994‘s Sean Butler: “Industry awards give you a USP and validation for discerning clients who want their gardens to be built by the very best in the industry.”

Clients not being the only priority, Sean tells us the attraction awards have to garden designers. “Awards allow designers to recognise that there is a separation in quality, and by using award winning landscapers to build their gardens, the benefits quickly become apparent.”

Rae Wilkinson, of Rae Wilkinson Garden & Landscape Design informs us about how award recognition impacts her views. “Awards provide recognition from industry peers and kudos from potential clients which is great, along with raising a company’s profile.

“In my view, they aren’t an essential marker for working standards, although, striving for an award can provide motivation for a practice to better themselves and gain a sense of achievement,” says Rae.

Pro Landscaper speaks with Ed Burnham, of Burnham Landscaping Ltd to find out his views on awards. “As a contractor, winning an industry award doesn’t help to open an untapped source of clients looking for high end designed gardens,” Ed Burnham concedes. “However, they are great for raising your profile and allowing designers to see what you’re capable of.

“In addition, award ceremonies themselves are also fantastic for networking.”

Concluding his outlook, Sean breaks down the benefits of using award winning landscapers into three simple points. “One, it helps to win a project through start to finish by teaming with an award-winning landscaper.

“Two, it improves the quality of their own portfolio and the chance to enter industry design awards such as the SGD.

“And finally, three. Collaborating resolves problematic situations quickly and effectively. It gives clients confidence that they really have chosen the right company to design and build their gardens.”

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