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    Innovative Technology – GP Plantscape

    appA new bespoke app has been developed for the gritting and snow clearing process for 2014 by GP Plantscape to improve communication with clients and internal teams, whilst streamlining administrative processes

    Controlled from a web based dashboard, daily weather reports from the Met Office are analysed and jobs created for teams when client temperature thresholds are breached then sent to the relevant GP team Ipads. Once the site is visited, the job is completed on the Ipad and an electronic signature obtained, where a company representative is present, this then spurs an automatic email to the nominated client contact(s) informing them that their visit has been completed, furthermore the visit information is sent back to our dashboard to create a full log of all gritting visits in “real” time.

    The development of the app has taken considerable time and investment but its introduction has already reduced admin time on data input and paper filling allowing a focus on more added value activities and continuing to improve our service delivery.

    Nancy Cowan, Operations Administrator commented, ‘The dashboard has dramatically improved the flow of information back to the office from the technician and vice versa. Now in the event of snow or frost re-forming any call backs can be immediately created on the Dashboard and added to technicians Ipads and I have real time information at my fingertips as to what jobs have been completed and when. It’s fantastic to have this information available so quickly and all in one place and really improves our customer service.’

    GPOperationally the dashboard allows all Operations Managers at GP to view and manage their team activities, adding and amending schedules at the ‘press of a button.’

    Peter Campbell, Operations Manager said, ‘The new system is brilliant. I can see each job dropping off the system as it’s completed rather than having to wait until the guys come back with their gritting slips or phoning them to find out where they are. Also it’s much less hassle for the guys than filling out the paperwork and they really like the new technology. They find it really easy to use’.

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