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Video demonstrates How To Install LANDTEX Landscape Fabric

Hot on the heels of the first Product That Worx ‘How to’ video comes the second in the series from leading landscaping supplies specialist Growtivation. The new video, ‘How to Install LANDTEX Landscape Fabric’, is designed to aid professional landscapers in installing this popular landscaping fabric, for heavy duty weed control in most types of landscape projects.

Growtivation’s video guides are aimed at assisting landscapers in using the Product That Worx range of professional landscaping products by providing easy-to-view and easy-to-do information at their fingertips.

In this latest video, Sales Manager Vernon Elsey and Marketing Manager Graham Elsey again show viewers step-by-step how to lay LANDTEX landscape fabric correctly, providing insider hints and tips along the way to help ensure they achieve the very best results.

Suitable for heavy duty weed control, LANDTEX professional landscape fabric is a thicker alternative to the Product That Worx WEEDTEX weed control fabric, preventing weeds from getting the light they need to grow.

LANDTEX Benefits

  • Can be used under rounded gravel
  • Can be easily cut without fraying, for instant access when planting.
  • An eco-friendly weed control solution that effectively suppresses weeds, eliminating the need to repeatedly use chemicals.
  • Allowing nutrients (including liquid feed and fertilisers), water and air to permeate, creating a healthy and fertile soil.

The ‘How To Install LANDTEX landscape fabric’ video is available to be viewed on the Growtivation website on the LANDTEX product range page, which is mobile-friendly, making it easy to view and follow when on-site too.

The first video in the series, featuring the popular and unique gravel retention system, EARTHWORX Gravelrings, was launched earlier this year, with the third due out shortly.

Find out more about the Product That Works range of professing landscaping products at, where you can also download your free copy of our Landscaping That Works guide.

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