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Installing artificial grass?

Dutch artificial grass manufacturer Royal Grass® boasts an enviable track record of design innovation, manufacturing excellence and customer satisfaction spanning nearly 20 years.

As close to the real thing as you’ll find

Its range of beautifully realistic products that mimic the characteristics of natural grass, from how it feels, to how it reflects light, is the result of ongoing research and development and the implementation of innovative technology. Royal Grass® is the only manufacturer that truly imitates nature – under a microscope each blade has a unique, patented V-shape which, when combined with a reinforced backbone, ensures it stands upright. And Micro Nerve Technology gives its products the natural glow of real grass.

Working with the environment, not against it

Royal Grass® products have been developed with concern for the environment firmly to the fore. Their manufacture requires no plasticisers, heavy metals or harmful chemicals, and only the highest-quality, safe, raw materials are used, which means that they are fully recyclable. That said, because Royal Grass® products are manufactured to the highest standards, giving them incredible resilience and durability, they have a very long lifespan and come with a 15 year guarantee. They also meet exacting European safety standards (EN71-3), making them entirely safe for children and pets. No rubber crumb is used during installation, only dried silica sand.

No substitute for natural grass?

Where Royal Grass® is concerned, nothing could be further from the truth! It looks, feels and behaves like natural grass but comes with none of the constant maintenance issues and their potential for environmental impact:

  • No mowing or edging = zero energy requirement and zero emissions
  • No weeding = zero herbicide usage and zero emissions
  • No scarifying = zero emissions and zero carbon release
  • No fertilising = zero environmental impact and zero cost
  • No watering = water preservation in periods of drought

And when it does rain, Royal Grass® products allow the rainwater to permeate through to the soil beneath, preventing run-off; just like natural grass.

Royal Grass® eco-friendly products

Aura, Lush and Bliss products are manufactured using REBel ecobacking, which gives these three products additional stability, making them easier to lay, and improved end-of-life recyclability:

Aura – Freshly cut spring grass, with extremely soft blades – ideal for areas where children play

Bliss – Summery, lush lawn with dense high blades of grass, which make it a ‘full’ grass carpet suitable for several landscape applications

Lush – Grass with a late summer look, thanks to the added brown blades, making it look slightly imperfect and more natural

The full Royal Grass® collection covers every landscape scenario, giving customers the widest possible choice of premium quality grass.

Supporting your business

Royal Grass® is keen to work with professional contractors and designers who want to provide their customers with premium quality artificial grass. We can offer comprehensive technical and sales support and express nationwide delivery from our two UK warehouses, one in the north and one in the south.

Contact us today

Please contact James Hardwicke, Business Development Manager UK, Royal Grass® on 0800 688 9554, or email james.hardwicke@royalgrass.com


Royal Grass® is a member of Victoria PLC – an AIM listed company since 2013.

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