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Interest in decking surges during lockdown

Google searches for decking in the UK doubled in the week the nation was put on lockdown, according to new research from Composite Prime.

Data from the search engine revealed interest in the term ‘decking’ had doubled within the homes and interiors category in the five days following the UK lockdown announcement on March 23.

Composite Prime sales director Charles Taylor said: “This backs-up an increase in consumer enquiries we have been receiving. For both samples and for customers wanting to know where to buy our products.

“It’s good news for timber merchants and builders merchants who are able to continue trading online. We are actively working and assessing each day which stockists are open with availability for delivery and passing this information on to consumers.

“This is currently changing everyday, although the last few days have seen an increase to the number of stockists offering limited, safe service – around 80% were completely shut last week, this week looks to be around 65%.

“Consumers are wanting something to do whilst on lockdown – they are cancelling holidays and accepting the fact that this summer they may be staying at home, thus disposable income is going into home improvements such as making their garden and outside spaces more appealing.

“Stockists are caught between a rock and hard place, they are trying to do the right thing, keeping staff and customers safe, while responding to increasing demand. Not only from the public sector such as NHS and education but also the professional and private sectors.”

Composite decking manufacturer Composite Prime, carried out research using the Google Trends platform which takes account of over 3.5 billion searches a day.

While Google Trends doesn’t show exact search volumes it shows increases in interest by providing a ‘normalised’ score of between 0 and 100 against particular terms and categories.

Recent data shows the interest score for the term ‘decking’ jumped from 50 on March 23 when the initial lockdown announcement was made, to 100 on March 28, showing a doubling of interest for the term within the homes and interiors category.

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