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Interview with Green-tech’s new managing director

Longstanding company Green-tech has announced that there is to be a new managing director, Kris Nellist, who will be taking over the reins on 1 November as Rachel and Richard Kay step down

Co-founded in North Yorkshire in 1994 by Richard and Rachel Kay, the couple have been running the business ever since. Over the last 27 years, Green-tech has been growing in size and success year after year. Today, the company is a market-leading, popular and successful landscaping supplier, with a team of over 80.

Kris has been welcomed with open arms at Green-tech, as he arrives with a huge wealth of knowledge. In his most recent job, he worked as a finance director at a freight forwarding firm. “The role gave me a good insight into the global supply chain problems we are all hearing about at the moment.”

Prior to this, Kris worked in executive roles for two large rail operators, and in the very early days, as Kris explains: “I cut my teeth in London working for many years in senior finance roles in retail for the world’s largest luxury goods group.”

Overall, Kris’s working life has enabled him to develop a wide range of skills and work experience across a range of industry types that will be essential in the running of Green- tech. Pleased and ready to start in his new role, he expressed: “I’m really excited about what the combination of my experience in these sectors can do for the further development of Green-tech.”

Having long-term goals in place are important in this role, and one that is of huge significance to Kris, is ensuring that the special and “personal” touch continues on at Green- tech. Kris understands that this is part of Green-tech’s success story, stating: “I certainly will not be drastically changing anything about the current running of Green-tech. It is well known as a fun and lively place to work with a team that give 100% to our customers. This will not change.”

During the weeks running up to the day he takes over, Kris has been working closely with Rachel to understand the DNA of the business. “It’s a big deal for both Richard and Rachel to step away. They’re the co-founders, and I can’t replace that. But, I can certainly carry on their passion, drive and commitment that continues to run through the company.”

Over the years, Rachel and Richard have worked especially hard to develop a strong team, and Kris wants to build on this. Along with the management team he plans to continue to grow and develop the team and the business.

Excited to get started in the new role, Kris shares that: “There’s a couple of trade shows coming up that I will be attending, and I’m really looking forward to being able to introduce myself. It’s important that I get out there and start to meet and build relationships with Green-tech’s customers, suppliers and industry friends.”

In March earlier this year, Green-tech was acquired by Origin Enterprises PLC. Rachel and Richard expressed that the deal was a reflection on “Green-tech’s ambition of being focused on always moving onwards and upwards.”

And, although he can’t give away too many of his goals planned for the future of the business, Kris said: “I can say that Green-tech will seize all opportunities presented, and I will be working with Origin to ensure that Green-tech will continue to grow and remain at the forefront of the industry as the market leader in the landscaping and forestry industries.”

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