Introducing Millboard Envello Cladding

Millboard Envello Cladding takes its cue from the first-rate attributes of the Millboard decking range.

Inspired by the beauty of nature but built to outperform it, the Millboard Envello® cladding range are moulded from selected timbers to look exceptionally like real wood, whilst avoiding the on-going maintenance associated with natural or wood-based products.

Available in four beautiful colours and two striking ranges, Millboard introduces you to:

Envello Board & Batten

Ideal for both contemporary and traditional designs, Board & Batten has a tongue and groove profile that only requires fixings through the tongue, so the fixing is hidden.

Millboard Golden Oak Board and Batten Cladding

Envello Shadow Line

Replicating smooth timber with a flat grained finish, Shadow Line provides a clean, authentic look. The increased width of the Shadow Line board compared to standard timber boards means there is larger grain detail.

  • Ultra-realistic wood-look
    Skilfully moulded by hand and authentically coloured, replicating timber in the most realistic way
  • Impact resistant
    A durable coating and elastomeric lastane surface ensures increased resilience against hail & natural weathering
  • Resistant to moisture ingress
    Due to Envello’s non-porous composition, no sealing is required, unlike other available products
  • Easy installation
    No specialist tools required, Envello can be cut and installed in the same way as traditional timber
  • UV and Weathering stability
    UV stabilised for better performance and fade resistance over time
  • Does not warp or rot
    Envello is solid, not hollow, making it strong. This means it will not rot or warp like timber
Millboard Burnt Cedar Shadow Line Cladding

Available in two profiles and a range of colours Envello cladding has been hand-moulded from carefully selected natural timbers and hand-coloured by master craftsmen, to provide an unmistakably organic look. From the smooth finish of the Shadow Line profile to the pleasing grain variance of the Board & Batten, there’s a Millboard Envello Cladding profile for every property type.

The distinctive chamfered cut of the profiles also enables the rain to naturally clean the boards, reducing the need for manual cleaning or treatment. The boards lock together with a specially designed tongue and groove for added rigidity and increased installation speed.

The tongue and groove has been profiled with a relief angle to allow the boards to curve when used vertically, as well as limiting the passage of air and water through the system. The tongue of the board features a notch which the fixings are aligned with, the next board then covers over the fixing creating a clean finish. Both profile of boards can be installed horizontally or vertically, depending on the nature of the design.

Millboard Antique Oak Board and Batten Cladding

Please note Millboard Envello® cladding boards are not fire rated, for more information on fire safety please visit

To find out more about Millboard Envello Cladding and order your free samples, visit

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