Investing in outdoor space for long term gains

A house with quality outdoor space is extremely desirable and outdoor space often dictates the saleability of a property. Having access to a garden alone can add a substantial amount of value to a property yet for maximum benefit, investing some quality time and money into an outdoor space can result in longer-term success; recent research suggests that a well-maintained garden can increase a property’s value by upwards of 20%.

Creating a profitable garden does not always have to come at a high-expense or through self-teaching the art of topiary. An outdoor space that requires little maintenance but is still visually pleasing tends to be more appealing to a buyer’s eye. Too much in the way of fuss or complex spaces can affect a buyer’s decision and can quickly put them off the entire property.

Here is a guide which outlines where within a garden money should be invested in order to make long-term gains.

Keep it low maintenance

One of the most crucial factors when designing an outdoor space is ensuring the maintenance of the garden is low. Whilst elaborate landscaping or exotic flowers can look beautiful, this design style isn’t the easiest to manage and therefore isn’t always desired by every buyer. A garden with minimal effort, but is well presented, will appeal to wider audience, increasing potential for home profitability. By sticking to a structure that means the lawn can be easily mowed, flower beds can be easily tended to and any terrace or seating spaces are simple to clean, the maintenance of the garden shouldn’t put prospective buyer’s noses out of joint.

Outdoor buildings

Investing in an outdoor building, perhaps surprisingly, is one of a short list of hugely beneficial factors when it comes to increasing the profitability of outdoor space. Whether a shed, home office, outdoor living space or an outdoor kitchen, the addition of extra space can improve both the living of the individuals inhabiting the property, and the lining of their pockets over time. With so many variations of outdoor buildings on the market, careful consideration needs to be placed when choosing the most ideal building to suit the space available. Taking a look at the huge selection of garden buildings from GBC Group, it’s clear that garden buildings that allow for insulation and electrical wiring are in particularly high demand, thanks to their ability to create a home-extension without the need for building work or planning permission*. By investing in a garden building, you’re able to increase the amount of space available to the homeowner, with increased space growing in profitability over time.


The privacy of the garden is a factor that should always be considered carefully, investing in a fence to surround the premises with not only ensure the house has a suitable level of privacy, but will also increase the overall security of the property too. A stone wall or hedge are also viable options to consider, but it’s worth being considerate of the height of the fence, or indeed the height that the hedge may potentially grow to in order to adhere to individual property guidelines.


Adding suitable lighting to the design of an outdoor space provides multiple benefits; additional security, due to motion-activated exterior lights for one. Adequate lighting allows the space to be utilised at night, furthering the ability of the garden to service the property owners. Lighting can also have a huge effect on the overall ambience of a garden; choose one type of light, whether that be a warm or cool white, to keep the scheme unified throughout the space. LED or solar panel lighting is a more cost-effective solution to halogen bulbs, as well as it being more environmentally friendly, so it’s worth considering this within any design plans.

Social space

A well-designed terrace has the ability to extend the living environment of the house to the great outdoors. Creating a space for social gatherings will provide many appealing uses to future buyers. Investing in outdoor furniture is an effective way to demonstrate this, as dressing the space is more likely to promote the it’s functionality. Dependent on the space and the budget, decking or patio is a valuable option in ensuring any outdoor space is both durable and presentable.

Investing in the garden does not always have to be costly, but time and effort spent are contributing factors to upkeeping a garden that will be more beneficial, both from a practicality and enjoyable aspect and from a financial perspective, in the long run.


*Garden buildings are considered permitted development and do not require planning permission as long as the building is placed either less than 2 metres from the boundary of the property with a maximum overall height of 2.5 metres or the building is placed more than 2 metres from the boundary and has a maximum eave height of 2.5m, a maximum overall height of 4m for a dual-pitched roof and 3 metres for a pent roofed building.

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