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James Gardner


Name: James Gardner

Company details: Gardner’s Gardens

Group A

  1. What would you say is the best thing about your job?

Designing and building gardens that bring a great deal of pleasure to my customers and their families is extremely rewarding.

  1. What made you want to get into the industry?

I received a lot of very positive about my own gardens including suggestions that I should take it up professionally. So as I enjoyed doing it, I enrolled at Capel Manor Horticultural College.

  1. Challenges ahead in your work?

Gaining market share in a depressed ecomony.

  1. How is the bulk of your work made up?

Design and build of domestic gardens along with quite a few pure design jobs.

  1. Current trends in the market?

Crisp lines and simplicity.

  1. Your company’s plans for the next five years…..

No plans to grow, just to be able to be more selective about which projects we take on.

  1. How do you remain competitive?

By offering very high standards and good value for money.

  1. Who are you inspired by?

My sons.

  1. Favourite film and TV shows…
  2. One thing you want to do before you’re too old?
  3. Countryside or seaside?
  4. Your proudest achievement?

The ‘World Garden’ at Downham Market.

  1. Favourite song?

‘Times Like These’ – Foo Fighters

  1. Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?
  2. Where’s your favourite holiday destination?


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