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James Hewetson-Brown argues why wildflower turf is good for urban areas at FutureScape 2015

Managing director of Wildflower Turf Ltd James Hewetson-Brown spoke about why wildflowers are good for designing in urban areas at FutureScape 2015. He began the seminar by explaining that the soil system for wildflower turf is a thin layer of compost as the growing medium and they mix the wildflower seeds in it. James pointed out that wildflowers grow well when there is no competition and problems arise when wildflowers are under pressure to grow in the soil system.

He continued the seminar by focusing on the benefits of wildflower turf, in particular the health benefits of planting in urban areas. He highlighted that there is significant evidence to suggest that the air in urban areas is becoming increasingly carcinogenic and suggested that wildflowers can reduce the risk of people in these areas falling ill and being admitted to hospital. Wildflowers are just the perfect height to plant in urban areas and if they are situated near to the source, it would not only reduce the number of hospital admittances but also save money.

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