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    Jason Lock


    Jason Lock, Deakinlock 


    1. 1.       What would you say is the best thing about your job?

    The variety of work that we get as a design practice and the people I meet and talk to every day, no project is ever the same nor the budget which keeps me on my toes! It is also great being my own boss!


    1. 2.       What made you want to get into the industry?

    I wanted a job which enabled me to combine being outside with but also enabled me to be creative.


    1. 3.       Challenges ahead in your work?

    The economy is of great concern especially as we are a young business, but we have survived for 3.5 years of recession, I hope with the reputation and brand we are building we can keep moving forward. Nothing can be taken for granted though.


    1. 4.       Your company’s plans for the next five years…..

    Survive! ……..and build up our new online business www.mygardn.co.uk


    1. 5.       How do you remain competitive?

    Keep flexible in the way we price projects and approach schemes, take nothing for granted and be price sensitive, it is very much a buyers market some thing we have to be in tune with. Listen hard to clients and deliver value for money.


    1. 6.       One thing you want to do before you’re too old?

    Drive round the Nurburgring Nordschliefe flat out in my TVR.


    1. 7.       Countryside or seaside?

    Countryside – Love it.


    1. 8.       Your proudest achievement?

    Designing and Project Managing a garden for the family of a severely disabled young girl through the generosity of local contractors, suppliers and trades, at no cost. It made such a difference to their lives and that of their daughter.


    1. 9.       Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?

    Winter – Nothing compares to walking my dogs on a crisp, frost laden morning; makes you feel alive.


    1. 10.   Where’s your favourite holiday destination?               

    France – best wine, cheese, tomatoes, bread, pate, food……..I could go on…

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