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Jo Thompson to use augmented reality in Shenzhen Flower Show garden

by | 20 Feb 24 | Garden Design, News

Jo Thompson

Augmented reality (AR) is being used to create an “intricate brick pavilion” for Jo Thompson’s show garden at this year’s Shenzhen Flower Show.

The British landscape designer is collaborating with Princeton University’s Form Finding Lab and researchers from the University of Bergamo and Pergaso University to help create the ‘I Live with Nature’ garden.

The brick pavilion will sit at the centre of the space and will have physical planting around it that can be touched. A skilled mason will wear an AR headset to guide the placement of each brick to create the structure and a digital model of the pavilion in real time will be overlaid as a 3D image onto the physical pavilion in the show garden to allow for better accuracy in positioning the bricks.

Thompson says she was eager to use the “impressive new technology” for “the first time in a horticultural show garden” after seeing the technique used to create a vaulted arch for the Venice architecture biennale last year.

“For construction in Shenzhen we are using this technology completely remotely and it means we will have designed and constructed the garden in the space of two and a half months.”

The Shenzhen Flower Show takes place between 23 March and 1 April. It has been held in Shenzhen three times since 2019.

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