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John Wyer talks earning a living at Futurescape 2015

John Wyer, founder and co-owner of Bowles & Wyer, aimed his Futurescape 2015 seminar at designers and contractors, focusing on whether skills are undersold or undervalued and how this can be resolved.

He discussed the disadvantages of a price-driven market compared to the advantages of a quality-driven market, suggesting that being the cheapest may not always be the best.

The seminar was filled with useful business advice for the landscaping industry, with John briefly discussing the two sides of taking commission payments and going on to discuss why the designer should not be the supplier, as well as how to clawback tender from the client that might have been lost in winning the contract.

He finished by summarising the three main points of pricing: be clear, “quotations and proposals should be clear and unequivocal and make a good basis for any future variation”; be honest and fair “…even when there are easy opportunities to be otherwise”; and compete on quality, not price.

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