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Johnsons of Whixley creates extra growing capacity

Johnsons of Whixley has created more than 5000 sqm of additional bed space for plants of the future at two of its nursery sites located In Kirk Hammerton and Roecliffe, North Yorkshire.

Johnsons, one of the largest commercial plant suppliers to both the landscape and garden centre sectors in the UK, has increased its production capacity as a result of reduced sales brought about by the recent crisis and as a reaction to potential Brexit trading constraints.

Recent projects have delivered sufficient growing space to produce an extra 320,000 extra landscape and garden plants per year. The facilities comprise of external beds and covered ‘polytunnel’ space all profiled and watered via automated systems.

Through the sale of seven million trees and shrubs annually, Johnsons are one of the few businesses that can claim to be a true net contributor to the environment. Johnson’s green credentials are monitored continuously via its accreditation to the environmental standard ISO14001.

Group managing director, Graham Richardson says: “Investment in new production facilities provides extra facilities to hold over crops otherwise destined for the waste heap and reduces our exposure to reduced availability should trading constraints with Europe begin to bite.”

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