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Keep it clean: The need for drainage maintenance

Pro Landscaper has partnered with ACO Building and Landscape to bring you a series of articles that look at different aspects of garden design. This week, we look at the importance of drainage system maintenance and how landscapers can incorporate this early on in their design.

During the design process, many landscapers keep practicality and long-term sustainability in mind, ensuring that the client can maintain the garden long after the project has been completed. With the Autumnal weather causing sticks and leaves to fall from the trees, unmaintained water management systems are at risk of blockages, potentially causing a variety of problems for homeowners.

If left to accumulate silt and debris, the functionality of drainage systems can become compromised, which can lead to ponding and flooding. This can cause damage ranging from plants and garden features needing to be replaced in the garden, through to property damage.

There are a multitude of ways that landscapers can ensure that their designs aren’t compromised by a blocked system, including installing access/maintenance points within drainage systems for quick blockage removal. This is an essential point when considering the maintenance of the discreet Brickslot channel options.

ACO RainDrain allows for easy maintenance with its removable grating, allowing the client to simply lift the grate to remove any dirt and debris. It also offers a sump unit with removable basket for easy cleaning, allowing water to continue around the drainage system. Not only does this mean that the blockage removal process is simple, but it also preserves the design, allowing the landscaped area to look aesthetically pleasing for longer, and continue to provide optimum hydraulic performance.

Landscapers should view ongoing maintenance as an opportunity to engage their customers, outlining the simple steps homeowners can take to keep drainage channels clear. This will help to strength client relationships, and ensure gardens continue to look great long into the future.

For more information about the RainDrain, please visit the ACO Building and Landscape website at https://www.aco.co.uk/products/raindrain

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