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Knapsack granule applicator improves precision and reduces waste

A new knapsack granule applicator which delivers precise doses of powdered or granulated agrichemicals and fertilisers has been introduced by the PROFESSIONAL SPRAYERS PEOPLE (part of the Spray People Group). The applicator can be calibrated to deliver between 8 and 250 grams of product per squeeze of the trigger consistently and accurately while the long and flexible lance enables the granules and powders to be delivered precisely where needed.

The knapsack granule applicator is ideal for use in areas where large scale, vehicle mounted granule applicators are not viable, or where access is restricted.  For example in orchards, vineyards and poly-tunnels, or for any application where accurate spot applications with minimal waste of granules and powders, is important.

How it works

The knapsack has a large 18 litre hopper which gravity feeds an applicator wand.  Dosing is controlled by changing the size of the dosing chamber with a slide control system.  Each push of the trigger releases the product in the dosing chamber while each release of the trigger closes off the outlet to the chamber whilst opening the inlet.  This action results in the refilling of the chamber ready for the next dose to be delivered to ensure that a precise dose can be delivered with each trigger pull to the target.


The applicator can deliver both granulated product and powdered product. Also the applicator can be set in continual flow mode. In this mode both the inlet and outlet to the dosing chamber remain open, allowing for a continual stream of product to be delivered.  The rate of flow can be adjusted by partially closing the outlet valve.  This means the applicator can be utilised to lay down lines of pesticide, or bait granules or powders.

The important features and benefits of the knapsack granule applicator are; a tough rugged design for professional use, calibration from 8 to 250g per trigger squeeze, flows from 3.6 to 12.2 Kg per minute in continual mode, comfortable, ergonomic knapsack design and a convenient, flexible lance for precise application with minimal waste.

About the company

The Professional Sprayer People are the official UK distributors for the Guarany range of professional sprayers, nebulisers, powder and granule application devices. Guarany have been a world leading manufacturer of professional equipment for over 90 years.


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