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Landscape Institute respond to Sajid Javid’s £5bn fund

Sajid Javid’s launched of a £5bn fund to help build more than 250,000 new homes.

The Communities Secretary wants to build homes on abandoned shopping centres, in run down town centres and other brownfield sites.

£2bn of the money will be used to build roads and other infrastructure so new building works can proceed.

The remaining £1bn of the Home Builders Fund will go in loans to small building companies to get construction underway.

£2bn will be spent separately on using surplus land owned by the State for fast track building projects.

Pro Landscaper spoke to Merrick Denton-Thompson, President of the Landscape Institute regarding the launch, he said: “Sajid Javid is right to be demanding the construction of more homes and we welcome the regeneration of abandoned shopping centres and the development of brownfield land to achieve it.

“One way of overcoming the automatic public response to object to building taking place next door, is to give a commitment to a high quality landscape in every new build development. No-one will object to that. Quality open space will contribute enormously to the health and wellbeing of both new neighbours and existing residents.”

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