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    Landscape Institute response to brownfield planning reforms – call for GI design

    Landscape Institute welcomes Chancellor’s brownfield planning reforms but calls for green infrastructure design to be at the heart of all new developments

     Landscape Institute response to the publication of Fixing the foundations: Creating a more prosperous nation by HM Treasury

    Noel Farrer, President of the Landscape Institute, said:

    “The Landscape Institute supports the government’s commitment to speeding up development on brownfield land using a new zoning system, and its commitment to build 200,000 starter homes by 2020.  However, it is imperative that government remembers its previous commitment to the essential requirement of the design quality of the places and settings for housing as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework, and applies it to any development on brownfield sites.

    Development on brownfield sites is a good idea, but it needs green infrastructure (GI) at its heart if it is to deliver the housing we need and places where people want to live long term.  Given the acute shortage of housing, quick-fix, poor quality housing would sell, but it is dangerously short-sighted as we will all be paying a high price for it in the future through the creation of failed communities.

    The Landscape Institute champions a GI approach to design. GI delivers places that are attractive and a deliver a huge range of benefits – from public health and wellbeing to social cohesion, food and energy security, carbon capture and climate-change mitigation and adaptation. Green infrastructure delivers places where people really want to live.

    In the past we have demolished poor quality housing.  Whatever the pressure to build we must not sacrifice design quality and create sub-standard homes to become the slums of the future.  A GI approach would deliver sufficient quantities of housing as well as creating sustainable places.

    The Landscape Institute would like to see the Housing Design Advisory Panel, established earlier this year, tasked with exploring the impact of this latest policy proposal on design quality, and examining the role of GI in creating new settlements on brownfield sites.”


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