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Landscape Institute to plant trees to mark the 90th birthday of the Institute

In conjunction with the Luton Parks Service, the Landscape Institute will plant nine mature trees in Luton to mark the 90th birthday of the Landscape Institute. The project is kindly sponsored by Marshalls, and will comprise part of the creation of an arboretum in Wardown Park, Luton.

The arboretum seeks to inform and educate local visitors on the value of trees. In particular relation to health, air quality, wildlife and biodiversity. The project aims specifically to connect children with nature whilst providing an educational resource in relation to climate change and the causes of pollution.
It is intended that pupils from the nearby River Bank Primary School will take part in the development of the site, planting trees and referring back to the project as an educational resource. The school enrols a significant number of students from BAME communities; English not being the main language for 17.8% of these households, 18.6% of residents over 16 have no qualifications, and 30.8% women are economically inactive
The arboretum project will regenerate a (now redundant) mini-golf site, and include a Tree Trail with educational interpretation boards showcasing the top ten most effective tree species in Luton for both carbon capture and housing wildlife.
It is envisaged that the arboretum will capture approximately 22kg carbon/year; a total of 1.1 tonnes over the next 50 years.
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