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Landscapeplus shines a light on Unsung Heroes

by | 09 Aug 23 | Featured Slider, Features, News

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Pro Landscaper’s Unsung Heroes in association with Landscapeplus launched earlier this year to shine a light on the individuals who keep their companies and the industry going but often go unrecognised.

With just five days left to enter, director Sam Cox of Landscapeplus talks about why the company was keen to support the awards and what visitors can expect from the company at this year’s FutureScape, where the awards ceremony will be taking place

Why is Landscapeplus supporting Pro Landscaper’s Unsung Heroes awards?

“We’ve never supported an award ceremony before and the Unsung Heroes element appealed to us, it’s different.

“I remember sitting at one of the first FutureScape events at The View from the Top and it was all about the skill shortage and bringing young people into the industry.

“If we can recognise those young people before they might change careers and go elsewhere, it’s only going to do good things and keep those people in the industry.”

How does this partnership align with Landscapeplus’ own values?

“We do a lot at both ends of the spectrum; we will be happy working on a Chelsea show garden but we also go into design schools as well and we’ll teach the next generation of industry professionals.

“Recognising that not everyone is working on those top end projects or not at the pinnacle of their career just yet is quite appealing to us.”

What does Landscapeplus do to support its own Unsung Heroes?

“We’ve got a real culture of development from within, and a lot of people will come into the business in one role and will then move around and find the right role for themselves.

“We get the right people on the bus and then find the right seat for them.”

Why do you feel recognising Unsung Heros is important, especially to Landscapeplus?

“Someone who’s quite early in their career or someone who’s not that confident in their career choice, being recognised with an award like this might be a turning point for them to say, ‘actually no, this is something I am really good at’ and give them that self-confidence.”

What is Landscapeplus set to showcase at its FutureScape stand this year?

“We are going to talk very little about products; we’re going to buck the trend from what we’ve done in previous year, and we’re going to talk all about what we do besides products, so what we feel gives us our personality and makes us different.

“We’re not afraid to be different.”

Applications for the Pro Landscaper Unsung Heroes awards in association with Landscapeplus are free and close 14 August, with winners announced at FutureScape 2023.

Click here to enter someone you know who deserves the recognition, including yourself!

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