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    • company website

      How to create the perfect company website

      Adam Corrie from Synergy 3 Ltd tells us how business presentation is most effective by building a quality company website.   Presentation and quality are now more important than ever in the competitive landscaping market. One of the most crucial aspects of your company’s appearance is your website. It is now the first place many prospective clients will look and it is a good opportunity to give a great first impression.   Creating or updating your site can seem a very daunting task. Many people lack the time to do it themselves or get confused with the jargon-filled quotes from…

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    • janine pattison

      Janine Pattison: How to survive and thrive as a garden designer

      When it comes to money, getting what you deserve isn’t always as easy as it should be in the garden industry. Janine Pattison offers some tips on persuading clients to pay up. Surviving as a garden designer can be difficult. Some clients will be unwilling to pay a fee for what they consider to be something that you enjoy and should be doing for nothing. Agreeing decent fees and then actually getting the money in once the work complete can be a struggle. Some clients will always be difficult to get money from and will invent all sorts of reasons…

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    • ppe

      Understanding PPE for landscaping professionals

      Harriet Orme from personal protective equipment (PPE) experts Zoro talks to Pro Landscaper about the importance of PPE for landscaping professionals.   For landscapers whose job involves a lot of manual labour, it’s crucial to protect workers from harm. The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations (1992) require precautionary measures in place.   Although other measures are available, landscapers should always have relevant PPE for the job they’re doing. It isn’t always clear what PPE is necessary however, so the following should assist you:   How will PPE help landscapers? When working in such a demanding industry,PPE must be available…

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    • no deal brexit

      What a No Deal Brexit means for UK landscaping

      On 23 August the UK government published 25 technical guidance notes giving advice about preparing for a No Deal Brexit. The UK is set to leave the European Union on 29 March 2019.   The below contains guidance from the HTA for if a No Deal Brexit should occur. A further 60 guidance notes are set for publishing in September.   The full guidance notes and other information is available through the UK and EU section on www.gov.uk.   UK Government Approach:   The technical guidance stresses that the UK Government firmly believes that a deal will materialise with the EU prior to…

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    • social media

      4 steps to handle social media complaints, with Ross Hewitt

      Social media is a part of life for nearly every business which provides a service or sells something. Eventually, someone somewhere will make a mistake. If that mistake affects a customer who is very active on social media, then they are likely to make lots of noise about it. This is where you need to react quickly to try and turn negative into positive (or shift it to neutral, at least). Step 1: Listen You need to be in a position to pick up on any mentions about your business quickly after they’re posted. Visit your social media accounts on…

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    • tim howell

      Tim Howell: ‘Seize the opportunity of summer to promote landscaping as a career’

      Summer is a great media show for landscaping and horticulture, Tim Howell says. “We should seize the opportunity to promote our industry as a career choice.” I’m writing this in late June and feeling excited, as horticulture is firmly in the public eye. Aided by countless landscaping shows on television and lots of positive coverage throughout the media. Horticultural shows and a run of great park weather, put the industry in a good light. This, paired with a focus on the benefits that our industry has a hand in, puts horticulture and landscaping back in season.   Horticulture brings reward…

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    • abstraction license

      Environment Agency announces flexibility with business abstraction license

      The Environmental Agency will consider flexing abstraction license conditions. This will help support people and businesses during this dry period. People must apply for a change to their conditions.   2018 saw the driest June on record since 1925 and with a very dry July. This has let to the Environment Agency receiving enquires from businesses who do not have enough water to meet their needs.   They have produced the briefing below to provide clarity on the criteria. It will explain how the Environment Agency may agree to flex abstraction conditions.   Dry Weather Abstraction Briefing – Environment Agency  …

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    • marketing

      Standing out from the crowd using marketing, with Steve Clarke

      Differentiate your business without driving down profits using marketing. Steve Clarke explains why it is essential to do something different to attract attention and how a mesmerising display could be just the thing to draw people in.   What can you gain from swimming in the sea of sameness, doing the same as everyone else? If your aim is to keep below the radar and shoot for mediocrity, maybe I get it.   But, I doubt that’s what most people in business want and I doubt very much that it’s what you want either. When you’re offering much the same as…

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    • butler

      Sean Butler answers Pro Landscaper reader’s burning questions

      We asked you, the readers of Pro Landscaper to send in your questions concerning all elements of the landscaping industry. This week, we speak with Sean Butler of Cube 1994, to help tackle some of the biggest questions in landscaping today. What is best to do if a client is unhappy with an installation that cannot be altered? This simply comes down to communication. The client and the contractor should be communicating on a regular basis and this scenario should never happen. I believe that everything can be altered it’s just who is going to pay? If it’s too expensive…

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    • budgeting

      Perennial launches online budgeting tool to help manage finances

      Perennial, the UK horticulture industry’s charity, has launched an online budgeting tool to help people understand their financial position and plan ahead. As the cost of living continues to rise beyond that of economic recovery, more and more people working across the UK horticulture sector are struggling to make ends meet, or are unable to put anything by for savings or emergencies. Taking control of finances, particularly when earning a low wage, is not easy but Perennial’s new online tool is designed to help people manage their money and to suggest changes to improve their finances. Matthew Cooper, debt advice manager at Perennial, says: “Creating a budget is important because…

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    • catherine

      Handling design budgets with Catherine MacDonald

      Pro Landscaper speaks to Catherine MacDonald about handling budget expectations, and ask for Catherine’s top tips to reduce project costs without compromising a garden’s design “Due to my nature, I prefer to be completely honest with clients, telling them straight if their expectations are exceeding their budget – of course telling them in a diplomatic manner,” Catherine says. When asked about a standard client reaction to this reality check, she explains: “Sometimes this leads them to change their expectations and alter their design brief or it can lead to clients increasing their budget, to allow the garden to be completed…

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    • gender

      Is the gender pay gap an issue within landscaping?

      As companies across the UK are scrutinised over consistency of pay between men and women, Pro Landscaper investigates to see whether the pay gap is a significant issue within the landscaping industry. Since Iceland has introduced legislation making it illegal to pay staff unequally for doing the same jobs, questions have been raised in parliament to consider the introduction of similar laws in the UK, which has a current gender pay gap of 9.1%. A recent survey of over 2,000 UK based companies revealed that men are paid approximately 21% more than women within landscaping and forestry firms. In terms…

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