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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper March 2023

    Pro Landscaper March 2023

    Welcome to the Green Issue of Pro Landscaper! This issue focuses on the industry’s dedication to its sustainability and environmental credentials. Pro Landscaper explores to what extent show gardens are ‘going green’, and addresses the ever-increasing controversy surrounding the green credentials of artificial grass. We also hear from Alexandra Noble, a 30 Under 30 alumna and award-winning landscape designer, as part of our Let’s Hear It From interview series. Here, she reflects on her career and how “green spaces have never felt more vital for our wellbeing”. Our March 2023 edition additionally provides an update on the state of play…

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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper February 2023

    Pro Landscaper February 2023

    Pro Landscaper’s February issue has arrived with some fantastic features investigating what 2023 has in store for the industry. Our second edition of the year attempts to answer one of the industry’s most pressing questions: Is the commercial landscaping industry in crisis? With a handful of companies collapsing last year, what can others do to avoid the same fate? Also featured is our Soil Special, with one article – Dishing the Dirt – analysing the changes the sector witnessed in 2022 and what suppliers anticipate in 2023. Elsewhere, Adam Vetere reflects on travelling the world, seven-figure commissions and the art…

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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper January 2023

    Pro Landscaper January 2023

    Welcome to the first issue of Pro Landscaper in 2023! This month we welcome our new editor James Groves to the team, who hopefully many of you will get the chance to speak to or meet over the coming months. In the meantime, our first issue of the year features some fantastic articles for you to get stuck into. On retiring from idverde, Angus Lindsay completes his final column for the magazine on page 77, having written more than 100 articles for Pro Landscaper over the last few years. In addition to this, our feature ‘On Course for Success’ on…

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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper December 2022

    Pro Landscaper December 2022

    Our December issue of Pro Landscaper takes a look back at our successful FutureScape event in 2022 as well as planning for the future. Looking Back at FutureScape, found on page 11, is a brief overview of event. With a multitude of awards and seminars, its hard to fit it all in one place! Scan the QR codes within the piece to see the results of some of our awards. If you missed FutureScape this year, have no fear as the event will return in 2023 starting with FutureScape Spring from 14 March to 15 March. Looking into the future,…

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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper November 2022

    Pro Landscaper November 2022

    November has arrived and with it comes a new issue of Pro Landscaper magazine! In this issue we announce the winners of this year’s Pro Landscaper’s 30 Under 30: Next Generation, sponsored by Green-tech (page 33). We share the achievements and aspirations of each of our winners, who are all shaping the future of the industry. On top of this, we have a portfolio on The World Food Garden at RHS Wisley, designed by Ann-Marie Powell (page 71), which is one of three gardens at RHS Hilltop, ‘the UK’s first dedicated gardening science hub’. Our UK Landscape Barometer, found on…

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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper October 2022

    Pro Landscaper October 2022

    The October issue of Pro Landscaper is here! This month, we revealed a new charter has been launched following BALI’s Access All Areas webinar last year. The ‘Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Charter for the Horticulture, Arboriculture, Landscaping & Garden Media professions’ has received widespread support from organisations across the industry. The complete feature can be found on page 11. Our cover feature ‘Weathering the Storm’, found on page 87, questions how companies are designing and building public space with climate change in mind, focusing on the heatwaves which England experienced over the summer. We also have a fantastic portfolio from…

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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper September 2022

    Pro Landscaper September 2022

    The September issue of Pro Landscaper comes with a fantastic new design! You’ll discover a new layout, new features and an overhauled front cover. But don’t worry, we’re still keeping all our reader’s firm favourites too. We have kept our iconic black and white logo, focusing our redesign more on the flow of the magazine, bringing forward features such as the UK Landscape Barometer and News, for instance, and leaving you waiting a little longer for the main interview. We would love to hear feedback on the redesign from our readers, so please do get in touch! In addition to…

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  • Pro Landscaper August 2022

    In this issue of Pro Landscaper, we take a look at CW Studio’s 10-year journey in our Landscape Architect’s Journal, as well as publishing the second instalment of ‘Achieving Success: Lessons from the Saddle’ by Marcus Watson. Our Let’s Hear It From section in this issue features Gareth Kirkwood, CEO of The Nurture Group, who is ‘bringing a wealth of expertise to ensure the green service provider is at the top of its game’! Full feature can be found on page 14. In addition to this, Nick Coslett explores how ‘solar panel installations could offer opportunities for landscapers’ in his…

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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper July 2022

    Pro Landscaper July 2022

    The July issue has suitably arrived in the middle of a heatwave. With climate change and sustainability being on the forefront of the industry’s mind it is no surprise that this issue features ‘Benchmarking Biodiversity in Gardens’ by Matt Haddon. In this issue we have a fantastic portfolio from Smart Home Garden found on page 50 as well our Let’s Hear It From with garden designer Mark Draper who is celebrating 30 years at Graduate Gardeners. ‘Achieving Success: Lessons from the Saddle (Part 1)’ by Marcus Watson is a two-part series focusing on Watson’s bike ride for charity and how…

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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper June 2022

    Pro Landscaper June 2022

    Summer is here! As the weather continues to get warmer it is no surprise that greenery is on the forefront our minds. Within this issue, Thomas O’Mahony comments on cities aiming to ‘incorporate green infrastructure’ in his article ‘Greening our Cities’, taking a closer look at successful projects and biodiversity. Staying on the theme of greenery, Lewis Normand ‘explains why nurseries have little choice but to up their prices’ in his article ‘Why Are My Plants More Expensive In 2022?’ In addition to this, we have a portfolio, ‘Ahead of the Curve’ by the multi-award-winning company Butler Landscapes which follows…

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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper May 2022

    Pro Landscaper May 2022

    The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is back and with it comes Pro Landscaper’s feature special! After being cancelled the last two years (2020-2021) it is exciting to see what the RHS Chelsea Flower Show has in store. Starting from page 75, we have dedicated this section of Pro Landscaper to the flower show with a number of special features including an interview with Hattie Ghaui on Project Giving Back (p.77). This issue features the final column by Sue Biggs titles ‘Handing Over The Baton’ as she steps down as director general of the RHS, as well as ‘Downlighting Guidance’ from…

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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper April 2022

    Pro Landscaper April 2022

    With longer, lighter days, spring has finally arrived! Along with our April issue of Pro Landscaper – a Manchester Special. Our Special discusses all the latest developments in and around the city of Manchester. From the RHS Garden Bridgewater’s long journey to opening, the Castlefield Viaduct’s regeneration – set to boast an elevated park by Summer this year, to finding out all about idverde’s maintenance and sustainable goals at Manchester City Football Club training grounds. It’s jampacked! In our Let’s Hear it From this month, we speak to the BBC’s Your Garden Made Perfect newest addition, Oliver Bond, about how…

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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper March 2022

    Pro Landscaper March 2022

    This is the third annual Green Issue of Pro Landscaper dedicated to the industry’s approach to becoming more environmentally friendly. The jam packed 140-page issue is full of discussion, innovation, and all things sustainable. As concern rises for the significant amount of greenwashing in the works, garden designer Rachel Bailey discusses the need for companies to lower their carbon footprint, and why she is determined for her design practice to be as green as possible. It has become increasingly apparent over recent years that a roadmap to sustainability is far from anything simple. With the effects of climate change showing…

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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper February 2022

    Pro Landscaper February 2022

    Our February issue is here! We’re slap bang in the middle of winter and already 2022 has been jam-packed with biodiversity commitments and pledges to protect the environment and its future. The idea of ‘rewilding’ has certainly grown in popularity over recent months. In our inform section Chris Churchman explains why rewilding is necessary but “not at the cost of replacing farmland.” Can we trust the government to fund our landscape as they say? Speaking of rewilding, Lewis Normand ponders why green spaces remain so poorly funded, particularly after numerous lockdowns emphasised their value and importance to our future. And,…

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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper January 2022

    Pro Landscaper January 2022

    Happy New Year! As we dust off the memories of the last twelve months, we step forward into a whole new year. Whilst there’s a few things we’re carrying over into 2022 – the pandemic and material shortage for starters – if there’s one thing we’ve learnt from 2021 it’s that the industry is resilient and always looking ahead. At FutureScape in November, a series of insightful seminars hooked our visitors. However, seminar ‘One Industry: Future Collaboration’ in particular proved very popular. Focusing on the future and collaboration in the industry, representatives from four industry trade associations sat on one…

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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper December 2021

    Pro Landscaper December 2021

    Welcome to the last Pro Landscaper of 2021, our Small Business themed issue! It’s certainly been another memorable year. Though it might have got off to a bad start as we entered the third national lockdown in January, the industry was still able to make the most of the new appreciation for green spaces. As the months went by, 2021 saw the return of the trade exhibitions, flower shows, and a landscaping boom. Needless to say, we’re all looking forward to seeing what 2022 will bring. In our Educate section, we include a number of insightful Small Business Specials. Covering…

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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper November 2021

    Pro Landscaper November 2021

    November is an exciting month for Pro Landscaper – it’s full of celebration! Not only do we host the UK’s leading trade event, FutureScape, but in recent years we have been able to introduce three award ceremonies, each recognising different aspects of the landscaping sector. This issue includes all the details and information on the shortlists this year for small project BIG IMPACT and the Podium Awards. In addition, the talented winners of this year’s 30 Under 30: The Next Generation awards are also announced (see page 85). Furthermore, November marked the first anniversary of the UK Landscape Barometer. For…

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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper October 2021

    Pro Landscaper October 2021

    Well, it’s safe to say we are well and truly in the early days of Autumn. The dark mornings have crept in, and its certainly feeling a little chillier. This month was the first ever autumnal RHS Chelsea Flower Show, and the most exceptional show gardens were on display. Full of show-stoppers – we’ve got all the winning details inside! We decided to take a look at what’s going on over-seas too. ‘Between Heaven and Earth’ by McWilliam Studio was an incredible eye catcher at the Shenzhen Flower Show in China, winning Gold and Best in show. The design inspired…

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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper Magazine September 2021

    Pro Landscaper Magazine September 2021

    Our September issue is dedicated to industry staff and training. This month, we’re looking at recruitment stats, extracurricular training, and training academies. For years, the skills gap in the sector has been apparent, and together we’ve certainly be talking about it. One company, Urban Landscape Design, decided to take matters into their own hands and set up The Landscape Academy, aiming to offer high quality training to help raise standards and improve the perception of the industry from those on the outside looking in. Now, Lantra approved! Speaking of high quality, September is a month we’ve all been waiting (and…

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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper August 2021

    Pro Landscaper August 2021

    August, a month of huge celebration for Pro Landscaper Magazine, as the publication hits its 10th anniversary. Over the past decade, the magazine has come far, constantly developing and enabling people to share, inspire and be positive about the effects landscaping has on the UK. We couldn’t be prouder of everything Pro Landscaper has achieved so far! Receiving an overwhelming amount of support from the industry since 2011, we discuss industry memorable moments, testimonials, and newcomers, and the top 10 Pro Landscaper moments (which do include awarding outstanding businesses, and a royal engagement). This issue is jam-packed full, and we…

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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper July 2021

    Pro Landscaper July 2021

    The way we live and work is changing, so our towns and cities surely need to change too. Lockdown has made us all stay locally rather than venture further afield, and we’ve realised we’re either fortunate to have so much on our doorstep or disappointed to find a lack of green space or local amenities, even within our nearest high street. Fortunately, the High Street Task Force was set up pre-pandemic and is working hard to regenerate these once-loved spots. We spoke to experts on the taskforce on pedestrianizing high streets, the benefits of temporary schemes and how to foster…

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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper June 2021

    Pro Landscaper June 2021

    Every year, our June issue brings with it the launch of Pro Landscaper’s 30 Under 30: The Next Generation awards, a chance for us to recognise up-and-comers within the industry. This year is no different. The search for 30 rising stars below the age of 30 has begun, so if you want to put yourself or a colleague forward, please get in touch with us via With more than 50 years’ experience in the industry, Arabella Lennox-Boyd reflects on the changes she’s seen over that time and her career highlights in our Let’s Hear It From, whilst Matthew Bennett…

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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper May 2021

    Pro Landscaper May 2021

    We’ve all had the date of 17 May etched in our minds since Boris announced it was a stop on the roadmap to lifting restrictions. We’ve spent the last month huddled under umbrellas in pub gardens to avoid torrential rain, and now we’ll finally be allowed to drink and dine indoors. It has boosted confidence that all restrictions are likely to be lifted soon, hopefully at the end of June, and we will return to some form of ‘normality’. With hope on the horizon, our May issue felt like the perfect time to launch Pro Landscaper’s small project BIG IMPACT…

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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper April 2021

    Pro Landscaper April 2021

    By the time our April issue reached readers, spring was well and truly here. We’re coming across random gatherings of daffodils on our weekend walks now and there are Easter eggs in abundance on supermarket shelves. There’s more to look forward to as well with the first stop on the lockdown roadmap approaching later in the month. Perhaps less exciting, depending on how your business has fared throughout the pandemic, is the end of the fiscal year in a few days. Looking ahead to this, we asked our UK Landscape Barometer contributors whether they are looking to increase staff salaries…

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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper March 2021

    Pro Landscaper March 2021

    Last year, our inaugural Green Issue was published before the first national lockdown was announced. Back then, at the start of 2020, the conversation around the environment seemed unstoppable. Climate change protests were commonplace and reducing our carbon footprint was a hot topic at most industry events. One year later and we published our second Green Issue in the third national lockdown in the last 12 months. Whilst the world has changed perhaps permanently thanks to a global pandemic, we wanted to know what had changed in terms of sustainability. Had it remained at the top of the agenda or…

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