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    • Leading firms team up to beautify luxurious billion-pound project in London

      Leading firms team up to beautify luxurious billion-pound project in London

      One of the UK’s largest commercial nurseries, Johnsons of Whixley, has been contracted by Kingston Landscape Group to supply thousands of plants to a substantial £1 billion inner-city redevelopment in north west London. The Yorkshire and London-based duo came together to work on Colindale Gardens, a huge luxury redevelopment in Barnet. The renovation by one of Britain’s largest housebuilders, Redrow, includes the building of 2,900 new one to four-bedroom homes surrounded by nine acres, as well as a cycle paths, walkways, cafes, a shopping plaza, school, restaurants and a resident-only gym in Colindale. It’s a project that has seen Kingston…

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    • best business

      Yorkshire nursery celebrates best business shortlist

      North Yorkshire nursery, Johnsons of Whixley, is on the region’s best business shortlist for the second year running.   This list is compiled by York Business School, York St John University, Make it York and The Press publication. The ‘York Top 100 Businesses’ report has nominated Johnsons as 34th place in the ‘Top 100 Businesses’ awards for 2018.   The Top 100 shortlist uses an algorithm devised by York Business School. It considers key performance factors such as turnover, profit, growth and staff numbers. Johnsons placed at number 55 in 2017 – the report’s inaugural year.   First established in…

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    • Johnsons of Whixley

      Johnsons of Whixley trials plant pots aimed at reducing landfill

      Commercial horticultural nursery, Johnsons of Whixley, is trialling a revolutionary new type of plant pot to fight the industry battle against plastic waste. Johnsons’ new taupe-coloured plant pots, in collaboration with pot manufacturer Aeroplas UK, are made from 98 per cent of recycled plastic and are detectable by domestic waste separation systems which means they can be put back into the recycling stream. They are distinct from standard pots, which feature a carbon pigment that compromises recognition, and results in millions of pots ending up in landfill every year. Johnsons’ new product is set to be tested throughout 2019 to identify any…

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    • Stoneleigh Park

      The Nursery Supply Show finds new home at Stoneleigh Park

      The HTA Nursery Supply Show, sponsored by ICL, is moving to a bigger and easily accessible home at Stoneleigh Park in Hall 1. This is directly connected to the HTA National Plant Show.   The show has moved halls to give more space for development. The new venue will ease flow of visitors between the National Plant Show and the Nursery Supply Show. The shows take place on 18 and 19 June 2019.   Hall 1 will offer an opportunity to solidify the Nursery Supply Show as a must attend event in the industry. It is showcasing UK horticulture and…

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    • Johnsons of Whixley dives in to help multi-million pound wave wall project

      Leading UK commercial nursery, Johnsons of Whixley, has made a splash in Lancashire – supplying thousands of plants for a £10 million coastal town development. The wave reflection wall in Morecambe was officially opened last month (15th October) with new surfacing, seating and lighting, as a multi-million pound project to help to improve the flood defence of the town. Large contractors, Ashlea Ltd, worked on the soft landscaping for the wave reflection wall and enlisted North Yorkshire nursery, Johnsons of Whixley, to supply shrubs and grasses. Varieties including over 1,700 Pinus Mugo Mops (dwarf mountain pine), 400 Santolina incana, more…

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    • quarry

      Green-tech protect 29,500 trees at East Midlands quarry

      Bantycock Quarry, a gypsum quarry operated by Saint-Gobain Formula has recently undergone a tremendous revival to preserve the environment and create an ideal habitat for a diverse range of wildlife. Glendale, a professional green service company who manage and maintain green environments were awarded the contract to regenerate 25 acres of the worked-out quarry area into native countryside. The Project Proposals were developed by landscape architects DRaW (UK) Ltd and agreed with the local authority to encourage biodiversity and enhance the landscape at Saint-Gobain Formula’s Bantycock Gypsum Quarry. Located in Balderton near Newark, this is a key industrial site in…

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    • amenity

      Wyevale Nurseries’ announce new 2020 Amenity Plant Range

      Eight new plants are taking their place in the amenity crop range for 2020 at Wyevale Nurseries. The plants selection based itself on their habit, colour and functionality.   Kyle Ross, production manager at Wyevale Nurseries based in Hereford, explained: “We have been trialling and testing these plants over the past two years. This is to ensure the crops we put forward are the absolute best for our customers.   “Trialling consists of reviews of the plant’s hardiness. Comparing different growing and pruning methods. Finally Wyevale go through monitoring their susceptibility to pest and diseases.”   The selection includes: Amelanchier…

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    • family nurseries

      Family nurseries team up to restore Grade II listed barn

      Two family nurseries, Johnsons of Whixley and Ray Skelton (Harrogate) Ltd, team up to supply plants for a Grade II listed, newly-renovated barn.   Tithe Barn, is set within the grounds of the Duke of Devonshire’s majestic Bolton Abbey Estate in the Yorkshire Dales. It has had developers Cripps & Co working on restoring the barn, built in the 1500s, back to its former glory.   Ray Skelton (Harrogate) Ltd carried out ground works such as seeding, turfing and planting work. Fellow family-run nursery, Johnsons, supplied £19,000 worth of products. This included 78 trees, 13 pleached Quercus Ilex and over 3,000…

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    • tree of the year

      The winners of the 2018 Tree of the Year

      A beech tree created to woo a sweetheart 100 years ago, which is still a popular place to pop the question, wins England’s Tree of the Year. The public voted overwhelmingly to crown Nellie’s Tree in Aberford, Leeds, its 2018 winner. The tree was grafted from three saplings to form an N by Vic Stead who would make a daily walk to see his girlfriend Nellie. They would later marry. The winning trees for Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland are also below, going live on the BBC’s The One Show on Wednesday 17 October. The winners of each country’s Tree…

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    • scheme

      New scheme helps protect trees from pests and diseases

      The Woodland Trust is asking people across the UK to make sure any trees put into the ground are from – and have been grown on – home soil. The charity has created an accreditation scheme to highlight nurseries selling UK trees. This new scheme means that tree planters and garden lovers can make sure saplings have come from a safe source. This ensure they will not be contributing to the spread of pests and diseases from other countries.   Between the years 1970 and 2013, 267 introduced plant pathogens became established in Great Britain. Two thirds of these were native…

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    • nick coslett

      The landscaping industry speaks on Nick Coslett retiring

      Nick Coslett, industry renowned plantsman with an illustrious career working as marketing manager for Palmstead Nurseries and previous BALI South Thames chairman, is retiring at the end of September. Pro Landscaper speaks to the people within the landscaping community who worked closely with Nick over the years to hear their thoughts on his career, what he means to the industry and some personal stories. Rae Wilkinson, owner, Rae Wilkinson Design Limited Nick has always been a fantastic front man for Palmstead – he is a natural networker and a warm and friendly man who is passionate about the industry. His…

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    • wildflower

      Wildflower meadow rescue mission

      Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) and the Forest of Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) are on a mission to restore wildflower hay meadows.   Together they will deliver ‘Haytime Rescue’. This is a new 14 month partnership project supported by a grant of almost £20,000 from the Lancashire Environmental Fund.   Isobel Hall, programme manager at YDMT, said: “With support from local volunteers, farmers and specialist growers at Kew Wakehurst Millennium Seed Bank, we aim to bolster populations of rare species of wildflowers in Bowland. These species include melancholy thistle, globeflower and birds eye primrose.”   The project…

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    • xylella

      Plant health update 2018

      Plant Health: The Belgian Nurseryman and Growers Federation (AVBS) has reported that Xylella fastidiosa is present at a trading company in West Flanders. This is the first time the bacterial pathogen has been identified in Belgium. The Belgian FASFC (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain) discovered three infected olive trees during a routine check on the company. The trees had been ‘extracted’ from Spain. The trees were destroyed and FASFC has described the discovery as a ‘find, not an outbreak’. The Belgian company has reportedly now destroyed all its olive trees. Around the infected trees, no vectors…

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    • Agapanthus

      Agapanthus ‘Fireworks’ wins new product award

      Wyevale Nurseries are celebrating after their new plant Agapanthus ‘Fireworks’ won a New Product award at GLEE.   Wyevale Nurseries entered the plant in to the Plant, Seed & Bulb category at the trade show in Birmingham. They were very pleased when the plant came out as the winner.   Colin Stanley, retail sales manager at Wyevale Nurseries, said: “We’re thrilled that such a glorious plant has won this prestigious award in the New Product Showcase. The Agapanthus ‘Fireworks’ has bicoloured blue and white blooms that explode into life. They bring a fabulous display to borders or patios. Who says…

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    • new plants

      Two new plants entered for New Product Showcase

      Wyevale Nurseries is entering two new plants into the New Product Showcase at the UK’s leading garden and outdoor living tradeshow.   The company has submitted Agapanthus ‘Fireworks’ and Salvia ‘Kisses & Wishes’ to the Plant, Seed & Bulb category at Glee. This runs from September 10-12 at the NEC in Birmingham.   Colin Stanley, retail sales manager at Wyevale Nurseries, said: “The New Product Showcase is one of Glee’s most inspirational features. It is the place for buyers to source the most unique and sought-after products at the show. We’re delighted this year to be entering two new plants…

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    • recyclable plant pots

      Wyevale to introduce recyclable plant pots

      Commercial nursery, Wyevale is introducing recyclable plant pots for all its retail plants. This will allow customers to recycle them kerbside. In 2019 Wyevale Nurseries will be replacing its black plastic pots for taupe coloured pots, supplied by Aeroplas, to fight the war on plastic. Steve Reed, production director of the Container Division at Wyevale Nurseries, explained: “The taupe coloured plant pots are coming in next year for our retail plants and we plan to use more than 700,000 of the new recyclable pots. “There will be a big overlap for customers as everything we have potted this year is…

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    • Oak Processionary Moth

      Defra restricts oak movements to tackle moth threat

      Restrictions on the import of several species of oak into England are in place. This is part of regulatory plans to protect native trees from oak processionary moth (OPM). The new regulations ban the movement of certain oak trees into the UK’s OPM Protected Zone. This area is free of the pest according to the EU. The ban shall be upheld unless the trees meet specific conditions. They cover both imports from overseas and movement of trees from areas of the country where OPM is already present. The measures cover all oaks (Quercus) – except for cork oak (Quercus suber).…

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    • plant biostimulant

      Groundbreaking new plant biostimulant launches

      Sherriff Amenity has announced the launch of E2 Pro Elicitor – a new unique soluble plant biostimulant which contains Harpin aβ.   E2 Pro from Sherriff Amenity is a brand of turf care products and their portfolio features a range of water soluble and liquid fertilisers. There are currently five different analyses within the water soluble range. Eight are in the liquid portfolio, ensuring that there is a solution to suit a wide range of nutrient requirements throughout the year.   Elicitor is the latest plant biostimulant added to the E2 Pro family.   This unique soluble biostimulant contains an…

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    • Wyevale Nurseries taster menu

      Wyevale Nurseries Taster Menu

      The Wyevale Nurseries Taster Menu includes four new plants selected for customers to further develop the concept that launched last year. Wyevale Nurseries unveiled the Taster Menu in its 2018 promotional catalogue and retailers were invited to trial the eight plants. Now four of the plants have been incorporated in to the 2019 catalogue. Andy Johnson, managing director at Wyevale Nurseries in Hereford, said: “The eight Taster Menu plants are at the commercial trial stage and their volumes are very small, under 500 plants. We want to give customers the opportunity to feature these as something new. “We’re offer retailers the…

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    • Neonicotinoids

      Neonicotinoids withdrawal dates confirmed

      The Committee on Plants and Animals voted to restrict the three neonicotinoids to greenhouse use only. These include: imidacloprid, clothianidin and thiamethoxam. All outdoor use, including seed treatment, will have the ban in place after 19 December 2018.   The withdrawal date for the sale and distrubition of the neonicotinoids: imidacloprid, clothianidin and thiamethoxam, is 19 September 2018. Thiacloprid and Acetamiprid are not included in this restriction. These two ingredients are the most used by ornamental growers.   The authorisation for disposal, storage and use of existing stocks ends on 19 December 2018.   The three withdrawal notices, published by the Chemicals…

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    • younger thinner turf

      Younger thinner turf produce healthier better lawns

      Independent research by the STRI has underlined the credentials of younger thinner turf. This is due to its ability to root more quickly than the traditional older thicker cut product. This allows faster establishment and a healthier and more attractive lawn.   The research comprised of two trials conducted at the STRI headquarters in Bingley, West Yorkshire, in Autumn 2017. The outdoor field trial saw the laying of both younger thinner cut Rolawn Medallion turf and an older thicker cut side by side for 50 days. After 20 days, the younger thinner cut turf showed deeper, denser and more vigorous…

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    • Johnsons of Whixley

      Johnsons of Whixley supply garden display for global coffee brand

      Johnsons of Whixley is working in partnership with a promotional equipment specialist to deliver a UK pop-up brand activation for a world-renowned coffee brand.The project is being delivered in conjunction with DHB Group, who provide a full range of bespoke, quality and mobile promotional equipment solutions to blue chip clients in the UK and throughout Europe. Johnsons of Whixley have supplyed £7,000 worth of plants and materials, including ginkgo and bay trees, grasses, bamboo, shrubs, ferns, Ivy screens and ivy on canes, to a pop-up garden in St. Ann’s Square, Manchester.The garden will promote the coffee brand, which operates cafes…

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    • Oak processionary moth

      Oak processionary moth pandemic addressed

      As of 21 August 2018, legislation from DEFRA will aim to protect oak trees within the UK from the Oak processionary moth (OPM). This is also know as, Thaumetopoea processionea. The move follows a recent interception in trade of OPM from the Netherlands to the UK.   The precautionary measures are necessary due to the risk posed to native oak trees, humans and some animals. This is whilst the oak processionary moth is in its caterpillar life stage. The risks are twofold:   As a caterpillar, oak processionary moths are capable of defoliating large areas of oak trees. This leaves target trees vulnerable…

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    • high risk plants

      European Commission document targets high risk plants

      Public consultation is open on a draft European Commission document. This sets out a list of high-risk plants, plant products and other objects which may be temporarily prohibited from crossing into the EU. This applies to imports from third-world countries until a risk assessment has been carried out.   The move stems from a wider recognition that certain plants brought into the EU host pests that have a major impact on plant species. These are of major economic, social or environmental importance to Union member countries. Under the proposed legislation, the following high-risk plants would be prohibited pending assessment:  …

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    • ash dieback

      Ash dieback found on new species of tree

      The Forestry Commission is urging industry to be vigilant for signs of ash dieback on new tree and shrub species. This comes after a report of sightings through its Tree Alert reporting system.   The call comes after three new tree and shrub species in the same family as ash (Oleaceae) tested positive for ash dieback infection. This was at the Westonbirt Arboretum, Gloucestershire.   The findings are unlikely to have a significant impact on the environment. This is due to the newly infected species being ornamental and are not widespread or native to the UK.   The infection, identified…

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