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  • Photo of Pro Landscaper’s 10th anniversary: An interview with Jim & Lisa Wilkinson

    Pro Landscaper’s 10th anniversary: An interview with Jim & Lisa Wilkinson

    It’s Pro Landscaper’s 10th anniversary, how do you feel about that? We feel incredibly proud of the magazine, and the fact that we have now been a part of the landscape and horticulture industry for ten years. Pro Landscaper has made a massive difference to the sector, and anyone who has worked on or been involved with the product should be very proud of what we have achieved. What made you start Pro Landscaper magazine? We believed that there was a big opportunity in the market to create a community that brought all the elements of landscaping together. At the…

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  • Photo of UK Landscape Barometer – May findings

    UK Landscape Barometer – May findings

    All statistics are based on those surveyed and compare May 2021 to May 2020, with the exception of confidence; confidence is compared at the time of survey (July 2021) to the same time last year. The material shortage, perhaps unsurprisingly, continued to have a damaging effect on the industry. As a result of the ongoing lack of material availability, things appeared to finally start to slow down. Torrential rain dampened construction output, it dipped by 0.8% according to the ONS. And in addition, the UK economy also experienced a slow-down despite major lockdown restrictions lifting. Participant comments expressed that commercial…

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  • Photo of Hot house plants in bloom

    Hot house plants in bloom

    Flowering house plants can bring that much needed cheer and colour into your home. Bringing the outside inside is a hugely popular trend at the moment, which seems to have intensified as a result of the pandemic. Many of these plants have long bloom times which provide a perfect and inexpensive way of creating a holiday vibe in your home! CALATHEA CROCATA Commonly called the eternal flame, this tropical plant has dark moody foliage with vibrant flame shaped orange flowers. They can bloom for up to three months, and definitely prefer more humid environments. AECHMEA FASCIATA The Aechmea Fasciata, native…

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  • Photo of Glendale appoints Adrian Wickham as corporate director

    Glendale appoints Adrian Wickham as corporate director

    Glendale has announced the return of Adrian Wickham, who will now be working as corporate director. Adrian’s appointment comes after being away from the company for two years, as he worked for a law firm. Adrian said: “I’ve returned to the same senior team, and it’s great to get everyone back together. I’m really excited about being back and am feeling very welcomed.” I left because I was seeking new opportunities. But I remained so intertwined with the landscaping industry, I’ve been pulled back. I enjoy the people and the things happening, and ultimately, I feel there is a bigger…

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  • Photo of How Landscaping Supports Urban Sustainability

    How Landscaping Supports Urban Sustainability

    Over 50% of the global population live in urban dwellings. The United Nations predicts this number will climb to 70% by the middle of the century. Therefore, urban sustainability is becoming a key priority to ensuring the continued growth of cities and urban spaces is not damaging to the future of the world. Urban sustainability, when blended with city planning and design, goes deeper than landscape architecture and, instead focuses on creating greener spaces that recruit, nurture, and support nature. So, what is green space? Formally defined, green space is any public or private land featuring natural elements within an urban area,…

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  • Photo of RHS students design and build new garden for Guildford Family Centre

    RHS students design and build new garden for Guildford Family Centre

    An RHS Horticultural Practice Diploma student, Sam Southgate, has won a Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) design and build competition. Every year, students on the Level 4 RHS Diploma in Horticultural Practice at RHS Garden Wisley, Surrey, work on a ‘Design and Build’ project. This is a part assignment, part real life project developing ideas for a garden in the local community. After a ‘pitch’ to the clients, they choose a winning design which is built by the students several months later. This year, students were given the task of coming up with a design for a ‘play and learn’ community…

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  • Photo of Johnsons of Whixley celebrates 100 years

    Johnsons of Whixley celebrates 100 years

    As a family run business Johnsons of Whixley celebrates its centenary this year, group managing director Graham Richardson explains how the Yorkshire based nursery has grown and the secrets behind its success. How was Johnsons of Whixley first founded? Mr Eric Johnson founded the business in 1921 on his return from service in the great war. After the armistice, Mr Johnson remained in Europe, assisting with de-mobilisation and policing the turmoil that followed the ‘war to end all wars’. Mr Johnson had studied botany and had a natural passion for growing – his new wife’s family owned malt kilns throughout…

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  • Photo of UK Landscape Barometer records first confidence decrease this year

    UK Landscape Barometer records first confidence decrease this year

    The trading month for April 2021 saw a change in the industry’s overall performance. For the first time in five months, the UK Landscape Barometer has reported that confidence across the industry has decreased. Indeed, a staggering 47% of participants have told us that they are feeling less confident compared to the previous month. Alongside this seemingly dramatic drop, the barometer can also report that there has been a drop in the number of participants experiencing increases across all areas – apart from for staff, where data remained roughly static. Nonetheless, national turnover, enquires, projects, and conversion were still receiving…

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  • Photo of G7 Summit: Nature Compact

    G7 Summit: Nature Compact

    On Friday 11 June, Boris Johnson welcomed leaders from the UK, US, Canada, Japan, France, Germany and Italy, along with representatives of the European Union to the G7 summit held in Carbis Bay, Cornwall. The summit got off to a rocky start. Boris Johnson was widely criticised for arriving at the G7 Summit in Cornwall by plane, with The Green Party tweeting there was: “a big gaping hole between Boris’s climate talk and climate action.” Greta Thunberg also held issue, speaking out against the G7 leaders, for watching “jet planes perform aerobatics” and having a “steak and lobster” celebration instead…

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  • Photo of BBC Radio 2’s Big Bee Challenge: George Hassall shares bee-friendly garden tips

    BBC Radio 2’s Big Bee Challenge: George Hassall shares bee-friendly garden tips

    Zoe Ball has announced BBC Radio 2’s Big Bee Challenge, a children’s competition which aims to promote pollination and support bees. The BBC is asking for children to express their creativity and imagination by designing their own bright and buzzy garden that will attract bees, and other pollinating insects, to help pollinate flowers whilst also creating new ones too. Built by the RHS, the winner will see their garden design come to life at a children and young people’s mental health NHS Trust site. They will be invited to open the garden at an outside broadcast of The Zoe Ball…

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  • Photo of Taking it international

    Taking it international

    International garden design has always been a source of inspiration for gardens here in the UK. Unsurprisingly, the pandemic has influenced design trends in an innovative way, and now, many trends are situated around the prospect of bringing the indoors outside, and creating holiday vibes at home. As an industry, we have been designing gardens this way for years, but it does appear to be further developing due to the new wide-spread appeal of the ‘fifth room.’ The fifth room is a concept that blurs the lines between the inside and out. It’s all about allocating the garden as another…

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  • Photo of UK Landscape Barometer records continued high performance

    UK Landscape Barometer records continued high performance

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  • Photo of The healing power of nature

    The healing power of nature

    This year, Mental Health Awareness Week’s theme was nature. This may come as no surprise due to the long months of the pandemic that encouraged the public to turn to nature. As an industry, it’s safe to say that we’ve always known the benefits and power of nature, but it’s fantastic that its importance is being acknowledged, especially in this way. Conversations around mental health have become more commonplace in recent years. However, since that start of the pandemic, the effects of physical distancing, social isolation, and the loss of loved ones have evidently deepened mental health issues, causing many…

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  • Photo of Flood risk mapping natural capital

    Flood risk mapping natural capital

    Dr Abigail Barker, chief operating officer at Natural Capital Research, considers the role of natural capital when it comes to environmental trends, including flood risk, and how they’re planning to track this.  As the UK embraces the biodiversity measures set out by the draft Environment Bill, attention is increasingly being focused on the contribution of natural capital to long term environmental trends and how to track them over time. Landowners and land managers, as well as landscape and development professionals, need to be aware of this requirement and must consider that effects may not be site-specific, but can lead to…

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  • Photo of Deepdale announces new management buyout

    Deepdale announces new management buyout

    Deepdale, a leading nursery in the UK, has announced the completion of a management buyout to help enhance the company’s success further and begin their EU expansion. As expert growers and wholesalers of high-quality mature trees and shrubs, Deepdale’s aim is to invest more into the company and their staff to enable internal and external business growth. The change occurred after Deepdale was approached by a private equity company looking to invest in green projects. Unfortunately, this was not successful due to a disagreement regarding the deal, and it was then that the current management team decided a buyout would…

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  • Photo of Has the pandemic sparked an increase in garden design?

    Has the pandemic sparked an increase in garden design?

    Last month Pro Landscaper’s UK Landscape Barometer discovered that there has been a significant increase in enquiries, projects, and conversion rates. Overall, there was an average increase of 90% in conversion, 92% in projects, and 97% in enquires for garden designers and the design and build industry. UK Landscape Barometer participants commented that they found the current average spend to be higher and that they are having to turn work away due to the huge increase in enquiries. So – what has prompted such a swift increase in the interest of garden design? Through-out the last year we have had…

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  • Photo of UK Landscape Barometer records positive performance

    UK Landscape Barometer records positive performance

    February 2021 saw a dominantly high performance across all industry types, displaying no declines, according to our latest UK Landscape Barometer. ONS recently released statistics stating that work in the construction industry saw an increase of 1.6% in February 2021, and our latest UK Landscape Barometer supports this. Nationally, projects were up 61% on average and conversion rose by 35%. OVERALL PERFORMANCE year-on-year Each sector experienced an increase in turnover in February 2021. On average, turnover rose by 31%. In addition, confidence has shown a continued steep increase since the beginning of this year. SECTOR PERFORMANCE year-on-year Domestic landscaping Domestic…

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  • Photo of Measurement in the carbon challenge

    Measurement in the carbon challenge

    Dr Abigail Barker, chief operating officer at Natural Capital Research considers how complex it is to accurately measure the results of carbon zero initiatives.  The landscaping industry is facing the challenges drafted by the Environment Bill, that requires a demonstrable improvement in the natural capital of areas subject to intervention or construction, with a number of measures. Last week we analysed how biodiversity objectives can be set out and tracked over time, this week we’ll consider the complex task of objectively and accurately measuring the results of carbon zero initiatives and carbon sequestration such as improving peatland, grasslands or planting woodlands.…

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  • Photo of Biodiversity Net Gain: the burden of proof

    Biodiversity Net Gain: the burden of proof

    Dr Abigail Barker, Chief Operating Officer at Natural Capital Research talks of the importance of benchmarking biodiversity. Biodiversity is now regarded as critical natural capital asset by government – enshrined in policy and a mandatory condition of planning permission in the 2019 Environment Bill. Government house building targets remain aggressive – still pegged at 300,000 per year by the mid-2020s – and this will mean that whether those targets are specifically reached, many  thousand hectares of land will be developed for housing, often impinging on formerly rural plots. Policymakers, mindful of the impact on biodiversity, have put rules in place…

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  • Photo of Hedges for every location

    Hedges for every location

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  • Photo of Flourish Nursery presents £25,000 Taxus Cloud Bonsai tree

    Flourish Nursery presents £25,000 Taxus Cloud Bonsai tree

    Flourish Nursery is delighted to display their newest arrival, a huge Taxus Cloud Bonsai tree. During a trip to Tuscany in September last year, Alex and his colleagues agreed to purchase the most expensive tree their Italian suppliers had to offer. The tree stands in a 2.5 ton wooden pot and is 3.5m in height and width. It is important to the nursery that they showcase the weird and the wonderful. Alex Bayman, director at Flourish Nursery, said: “We go out to the Tuscan Hills to buy amazing specimens for our nursery. We aim to have that extra special wow…

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  • Photo of 6 Egg-cellent Houseplants for Easter

    6 Egg-cellent Houseplants for Easter

    After a long and difficult winter, it is clear we are all in desperate need of some colour and cheer – spring is finally here! Houseplants are a great way of decorating your home and table for Easter. They are an excellent gift for the season as Easter symbolises rebirth and hope – very much needed! Here is a selection from Ian Drummond that perfectly echo the occasion. 1 Lilium Longiflorum (Easter Lily) A beautiful plant for show at Easter. With their large white trumpet-shaped flowers that let out a wonderful fragrance, and the thick rigid stem covered in narrow…

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  • Photo of UK sets new net zero targets

    UK sets new net zero targets

    To keep the government’s commitment of achieving net zero green-house gas emissions by 2050 on track, it is estimated that around 350,000 new construction jobs will need to be created by 2028. The Building Skills for Net Zero report by the Construction Industry Training Board explores and discusses the need for green building specialists to reduce carbon emissions. This produces huge opportunity for the construction industry to meet new demands through the adaptation and development of new skills and services, driving a green job bloom. In turn this adds value to communities, people, and clients. The UK Green Building Council…

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  • Photo of Ground Control: becoming carbon neutral

    Ground Control: becoming carbon neutral

    We speak to director Kim Morrish and environmental lead Chris Bawtree about how Ground Control achieved the phenomenal goal of becoming carbon neutral four years ahead of schedule and what advice they have for companies looking to do the same. Firstly, congratulations, it’s a phenomenal achievement. What were the steps that Ground Control took to become carbon neutral? Chris: The starting point for us was making sure we were engaged with a credible organisation who could give us independent third-party guidance and assurance but that could also evaluate what we were doing. We chose The Carbon Trust. We started working…

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  • Photo of Step aside sheds – it’s all about the shred this year

    Step aside sheds – it’s all about the shred this year

    In the midst of a home workout boom, Exo-Gym has launched, bringing a versatile gym rig to people’s gardens Fitness has been a hot topic over the last year. When the first lockdown was introduced 12 months ago, the British public seemed eager to find replacements for gym closures or simply for their typical daily steps. Public Health England announced its Couch to 5K was downloaded more than 850,000 times from March to the end of June, nearly double the amount from the same period last year, and Gyms are now set to reopen on 12 April with COVID measures…

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