• Photo of Installing artificial grass?

    Installing artificial grass?

    Dutch artificial grass manufacturer Royal Grass® boasts an enviable track record of design innovation, manufacturing excellence and customer satisfaction spanning nearly 20 years. As close to the real thing as you’ll find Its range of beautifully realistic products that mimic the characteristics of natural grass, from how it feels, to how it reflects light, is the result of ongoing research and development and the implementation of innovative technology. Royal Grass® is the only manufacturer that truly imitates nature – under a microscope each blade has a unique, patented V-shape which, when combined with a reinforced backbone, ensures it stands upright.…

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  • Photo of New product innovations for the perfect landscape project

    New product innovations for the perfect landscape project

    Pro Landscaper has partnered with ACO Water Management to bring you a series of tips and advice to help deliver effective drainage in landscaping projects. As demand for home improvement projects continues to surge, it’s important for landscapers to ensure they are keeping up with the latest product innovations. In the final part of the series, we explore ACO’s latest developments and explain how they can enhance a project. RainDrain® Corner Units ACO’s top-selling RainDrain® range has been enhanced thanks to the launch of three new corner units. For landscapers, this is particularly useful for those who use ACO’s discreet…

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  • Photo of Classic British-made garden planters that will last a lifetime

    Classic British-made garden planters that will last a lifetime

    Struggling to source durable and stylish garden planters, window boxes or water butts for clients or perhaps even your own home? Check out Arthur Jack & Co’s traditional outdoor range made from heavy gauge galvanised steel – all are long-lasting as well as stylish and have the bonus of being made in Britain by artisan metal craftsmen. Boasting planters in five sizes, two styles of water butt (that you will not want to hide away), and window boxes designed to fit most sills, the range has a host of clever design features to ensure everything performs as well as it…

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  • Photo of VIDEO: Live. Life. Outside.

    VIDEO: Live. Life. Outside.

    Millboard decking: inspired by the beauty of nature, but built to out-perform it.  

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  • Photo of DuoSpan and DuoLift prove to be a popular combination

    DuoSpan and DuoLift prove to be a popular combination

    Since its introduction a year ago, Millboard’s DuoSpan subframe system has won consistently excellent reviews from deck installers. DuoSpan comprises high strength aluminium beams and joists which combine with Millboard’s unique PlasPro material – made from 100% recycled plastic – to enable an almost infinite range of designs. From simple decks to structures incorporating steps, screening, seating, pergolas and planters, with straight lines or curves, the various components combine to make construction simple and quick. Millboard has carefully thought through every element of the system to maximise its flexibility and ease of use, with a range of fixed and flexible…

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  • Photo of Smiths gabion stone shows versatility

    Smiths gabion stone shows versatility

    Smiths Gabion limestone blocks have been primarily used to fill gabion baskets for ground stabilisation, be it river banks, railway and road embankments and bridge abutments. However, the way this simple un-seen stone product is being used is changing. Our gabion stone is a crushed Cotswold limestone with its typical Cotswold hues – warm creams and honey appearance – which offers landscape designers a softer more natural appearance to any large engineering project where the stone is left exposed. Equally this can be used to enhance any smaller landscape or garden project. With the ability to supply a mixture of…

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  • Photo of Geo-Fix provides long-lasting results at London Art Gallery

    Geo-Fix provides long-lasting results at London Art Gallery

    In 2003, Geo-Fix Original jointing compound was used to install paving at the iconic Jerwood Space Art Gallery in London. After a recent visit to the gallery, Geo-Fix were delighted to see the paving still looked as great as the day it was installed – even over 18 years later. Background The Jerwood Foundation, Jerwood Space and Jerwood Arts is a family of organisations committed to supporting and nurturing excellence in the Arts. The Jerwood Space Art Gallery was first refurbished in 1998, with a further rejuvenation taking place in 2003. The Challenge Satellite Design, the architects working on the…

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  • Photo of Mobilane joins Green Roof Organisation

    Mobilane joins Green Roof Organisation

    Mobilane has joined the Green Roof Organisation (GRO) as supplier members. Mobilane is a pioneer in the development of green roof technology and products with their MobiRoof green roof systems.   The Company is pleased to be able to support the organisation as they look to encourage the retrofitting of green roofs to existing buildings. They also promote installations of high quality green roofing in every city and town. The GRO represents all elements of the UK green roof industry. This includes specialist contractors, suppliers, other trade bodies, NGOs, ecologists, architects and designers.   Aligned with Mobilane’s own aims, the…

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  • Photo of Green-tech awarded Ground Control Maintenance Contract

    Green-tech awarded Ground Control Maintenance Contract

    Green-tech has announced that they have been awarded the 2021/22 maintenance contract with Ground Control.   This is the fifth consecutive year that Green-tech has tendered and won the contract to be Ground Control’s Chemical Supplier.   Green-tech’s Mark Browne is the Key Account Manager for Ground Control. He comments:   “Green-tech has a fantastic relationship with the Ground Control team. We have worked with them for over 20 years and have run the contact for the past five years. We work hard to meet their needs.   “They are a pleasure to work with. It is very much a…

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  • Photo of Creating outdoor recreational spaces with quality street furniture

    Creating outdoor recreational spaces with quality street furniture

    Creating quality outdoor recreational spaces is known to attract customers. It also improves employee well-being and makes businesses more profitable. These spaces are even more important now as the long-term effects of covid-19 on our everyday lives is still undetermined.   The next few years will see a shift towards more outdoor public spaces to meet this new demand. There will be an increase of pedestrianised streets for the extension of outdoor café society, and new inner city green spaces that will change the way we use high streets, and we will see the emergence rooftop terraces for residents of…

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  • Photo of Irrigation planning and maintenance brings all round benefits

    Irrigation planning and maintenance brings all round benefits

    Using an automated irrigation system is one of the best ways to keep new lawns and landscapes healthy whilst minimising water waste, keeping utility bills low and helping to protect the environment. In combination with up-front planning and professional advice, automated irrigation will help to ensure long-term satisfaction with any new residential or commercial landscape. At the landscape and irrigation planning stage, working with a local qualified designer or contractor with knowledge of soil types and climate conditions will help greatly in the selection of appropriate turf and plant species. Grouping plants with similar watering needs close together and separating…

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  • Photo of AFI Statement: Ongoing Failure of Treated Timber posts in ground contact

    AFI Statement: Ongoing Failure of Treated Timber posts in ground contact

    The AFI questionnaire on the performance of treated timber posts in ground contact has had over 200 responses. There is no doubt that there is a serious problem with reliability about current chemical treatments. There have been considerable numbers of failures.   Contractors are often having to accept most of the resulting costs and suffering a loss of reputation with clients. The AFI cannot allow this situation to continue unchallenged.   Whist the Wood Protection Association (WPA) has acknowledged that there have been examples of premature failure of preservative treated wood in ground contact over recent years, they feel that…

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  • Photo of Composite Decking sees spike due to COVID

    Composite Decking sees spike due to COVID

    Composite decking is the fastest-growing timber decking alternative currently available on the market. Traditional timber decking has been the preferred choice of many for years. But, it’s a high maintenance product which requires annual painting and staining. A no fuss alternative   Composite decking is a simple, no fuss alternative. Due to its unique formula, it’s low maintenance and more durable than traditional products.   Composites work well in both residential and commercial developments. due to their low maintenance and durable properties.   They also have the ability to stay free from cracks and splinters. This increases their lifespan and…

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  • Photo of Matched precipitation irrigation with R Van and 5000 Series rotary nozzles

    Matched precipitation irrigation with R Van and 5000 Series rotary nozzles

    Using Matched Precipitation Rate (MPR) sprinklers is a widely applied concept in residential irrigation installations. Combining sprinklers from the same product line that have MPR means that  in a given zone, water is applied proportionately at the same rate and with head to head coverage. As long as the correct amount of water and water pressure is available, no area of turf or landscape is unintentionally left either under or overwatered irrespective of its size or shape. By combining different types of MPR Rotary Nozzles, such as Rain Bird’s range of R-VAN rotary adjustable full circle and strip models, irrigation…

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  • Photo of Rolawn turf to be used at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

    Rolawn turf to be used at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

    UK supplier Rolawn is supporting the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens in Hampshire, as it refurbishes the world-renowned Magnolia Avenue and the Jermyn’s House lawn. More than 1,000m2 of turf and 40 bulk bags of topsoil will be donated, allowing the Gardens to progress the enormous task of returfing the Magnolia-lined walkways and lawned area, immediately behind the iconic building that was once the home of Sir Harold Hillier. Bequeathed to Hampshire County Council, the Gardens is run as a charity which relies on donations like this to continue their work maintaining the world-renowned horticultural collection for future generations. Jonathan Hill,…

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  • Photo of Outdoor living in the UK hits record demand

    Outdoor living in the UK hits record demand

    Outdoor kitchens have been popular in countries like America and Australia for decades. But in the last 5-10 years, we have seen a steady increase in demand for people wanting to embrace outdoor living in the UK.   There is no doubt that extending the living space of a house into the garden is a good move. Looking at trends such as bifold doors and open plan living spaces shows how people are shifting into a true ‘bring the indoors out’ approach to housing design. And it is more than just kerb appeal. In 2020, fuelled by the national lockdown experienced,…

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  • Photo of Green-tech launches an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic tree shelters

    Green-tech launches an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic tree shelters

    The newly launched Bio-Earth Tree Shelter is a biodegradable plastic-free tree shelter. An environmentally-friendly alternative to the traditional plastic products used to protect young trees and hedges. Green-tech has been involved in its development over the last two years to meet the growing demand from the landscaping and forestry industries to reduce the plastic tree shelter shelters used as essential protection during tree planting. The Bio-Earth Tree Shelter is made from a special water-proof FSC-approved cardboard which is 100% biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable. Its lifespan is dependent upon planting conditions and location but is typically 3 years. Once the tree…

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  • Photo of Contemporary Bica Bins launch

    Contemporary Bica Bins launch

    Leafield Environmental has expanded its bin portfolio, by launching Bica, a market leading and maintenance free metal bin range that has been designed and developed in collaboration with architects and builders for internal and external environments. The Bica bin range is available in a variety of elegant styles and capacities, offering a choice of single, double, triple, multi-waste or litter unit options. The Bica single recycling unit can hold between 45-100L of waste and the double recycling unit can collect two 45 or 65L of waste. The Bica multi-waste recycling bin can collect two 20L of waste at the top and up to…

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  • Photo of Smiths’ self binding path gravel

    Smiths’ self binding path gravel

    Smiths Bletchington talks us through its self-binding path gravel.  For a fairly modest outlay the Smiths’ gives superb results and of sensational quality – with its Cotswold hues and smooth finish, it’s a product that looks good in almost any situation. A perfect product for paths, tracks, walkways and cycle paths in both the domestic, civil and commercial markets. Smiths’ Self Binding Path Gravel is a very versatile product. It gives a firm compact surface, ideal for where wheel access is a priority, (for example wheel chairs, golf buggies/trollies or wheelbarrows etc.). But its versatility goes beyond that, it has…

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  • Photo of Biodegradable tree guards reduce environmental impact

    Biodegradable tree guards reduce environmental impact

    A new range of biodegradable guards is now available, helping to reduce the environmental impact of planting new whips and improving landscape management. WhiptecBio tree and hedge guards are made from recycled material and are 100% sustainable, biodegradable and compostable. Developed with expert arboriculturists over the last 14 years, the guards have been successfully trialled in a range of scenarios and are now available exclusively from Agrovista Amenity. Landscape team manager for Agrovista Amenity, Ed Smith, says: “Although they play a vital role in establishing young saplings, there has also been some negativity surrounding tree guards and their impact on…

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  • Photo of Green-tech launches a new watering solution for trees

    Green-tech launches a new watering solution for trees

    Green-tech has announced the launch of a new product for the landscaping industry – the Tree Irrigator. The innovative Tree Irrigator is a slow-release watering bag for trees with a diameter of between 3cm and 20cm. It works by delivering water to the root system which then reduces the effects of dehydration or transplant shock. Green-tech is the UKs leading supplier of landscaping materials with an impressive 16,000 products in its latest product catalogue. They have vast warehousing facilities in North Yorkshire; from where they offer world-wide delivery. The Tree Irrigator bag is an incredibly simple, yet clever concept. It…

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  • Photo of Azpects adds to marketing team

    Azpects adds to marketing team

    Azpects Ltd has welcomed Chloe Crease and Natasha Pratley to lead the company’s marketing and communications. Azpects is a specialist in developing and manufacturing products for outdoor hard landscaping and is the creator of EASYJoint, a leading paving jointing compound. Chloe has worked in PR and marketing for 14 years across agency and large corporation roles and is a chartered PR practitioner. Natasha has worked in marketing for a decade, encompassing roles in the charity, oil and energy, and IT sectors. Chloe and Natasha will be responsible for building the Azpects brand, as well as developing and delivering the company’s…

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  • Photo of Ronjack brings Oakio composite decking to UK

    Ronjack brings Oakio composite decking to UK

    Ronjack is bringing the USA’s fastest-growing composite decking brand to the UK. As the exclusive UK supplier of Oakio wood composite products, Ronjack is using its nationwide distributor network to bring the brand direct to landscapers and gardeners. “Oakio is the next generation in composite decking,” explains RonJack’s managing director, Katie Morley. “The low-maintenance, non-slip decking has taken the American market by storm, so this established brand offers an easy bolt-on for landscaping and gardening companies. “It’s easy and straightforward to install, and super-low maintenance, so perfect for busy families.” The Oakio decking collection features four individual product ranges –…

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  • Photo of Choosing Caribbean Blinds’ award-winning Outdoor Living Pod™

    Choosing Caribbean Blinds’ award-winning Outdoor Living Pod™

    Caribbean Blinds tells us why its Outdoor Living Pod™ is a must have addition to enable year-round outdoor living We will all remember the summer of 2020 – COVID-19 lockdown, no overseas travel, amazing weather and a new appreciation for our homes and gardens. Caribbean Blinds enjoyed a surge in sales for its outdoor living solutions but the unique Outdoor Living Pod™ came in to its own. But it wasn’t just a favourite with the customers – it also attracted the attention of Real Homes magazine and as a result, the team at Caribbean Blinds is enjoying its recent success…

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  • Photo of Doosan Launches New HB-series Hydraulic Breakers

    Doosan Launches New HB-series Hydraulic Breakers

    Doosan Infracore Europe has launched the new HB-series hydraulic breaker range for the European market. The new range of five HB-series breakers provides a novel concept with high performance and a simplified design, specifically optimized and fully certified for Doosan excavators with carrier weights from 1.2 to 15 tonne. As a result, Doosan HB breakers offer the highest possible productivity, whether the operator is demolishing concrete or breaking rocks. The high quality of the breakers is backed by an industry-leading 2 year warranty and they are available at cost-effective prices, providing customer benefits in terms of total cost of ownership.…

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