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Landscapers can lead the charge in sustainable garden design

Pro Landscaper has partnered with ACO Building and Landscape to bring you a series of articles that look at different aspects of garden design. This week, we look at some of the key factors in sustainable garden design.

When a client decides to get their garden landscaped, water mitigation and drainage systems are often not at the forefront of their mind. Many homeowners fail to consider that a sustainable drainage system is necessary to ensure that the landscaped area doesn’t suffer from water damage, which could ultimately result in the garden being destroyed.

As sleek patio areas and gravel driveways continue to grow in popularity, ensuring that the area is capable of withstanding the erratic changes in the British weather is a must. Landscapers are in a position to show that managing water sustainably and responsibly does not have to come at the cost of abandoning style.

Linear drainage channel systems that surround buildings, for example, allow water to be collected quickly over a more even area. This channelling can be visibly stylish (think designer driveways) or fitted in such a way as to be very discreet.

In line with SuDS guidelines, permeable surfaces where possible can help, but where this isn’t possible, water runoff must also be prevented from going straight into sewers for quality purposes where possible. This can be achieved through the use of soakaway crate systems, which lets rainwater infiltrate back into the ground water.

Landscapers are in such a unique position when it comes to sustainable garden design. Their expertise in delivering a project that looks great, all while adhering to sustainable water management principles, will go a long way to providing the best possible finish for their customers.

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