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Leeds launches ambitious tree planting project

Residents are being encouraged to show their support for an ambitious city-wide tree planting project this autumn.

Leeds City Council set out the target of planting approximately 5.8m trees over 25 years in parks and green spaces across the city as part of its wide-ranging work through its woodland creation programme to tackle the immediate climate emergency and to meet its aim of making Leeds carbon neutral by 2030.

People of all ages are now being offered the chance to once again get involved and help Leeds reach this target through the ‘Collect Tree Seeds for Leeds’ programme which is held annually from September to November. Residents who want to get involved are being asked to collect four tree seed species, including acorns, beech nuts, chestnuts and conkers (more information on the program can be found on the Arium website at: https://www.theariumleeds.co.uk/). Once the seeds are collected, they can be deposited at one of 12 seed collection points that are in place across the city. The tree seeds will then be taken to the council’s designated specialist plant nursery and garden centre the ‘Arium’, where they are sewn and grown to be planted back into Leeds parks and green spaces. In 2020, 37,000 tree seeds were gathered in the city for potential planting in the future.

The Woodland Creation initiative, which is managed by the council’s parks service, will see the planting of new woodlands to capture carbon, increase biodiversity by creating habitats for birds, animals and insects. The new woodlands will also enhance green spaces creating accessible woodlands for community use helping to improve health, wellbeing and understanding of climate change.

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