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    Little Interview: Rae Wilkinson

    Rae Wilkinson Design Ltd


    What is your most important piece of machinery/equipment?

    My imagination, my pencil and my FELCOs!

    Name one thing unique about your business.

    I have a deep plant knowledge base, and artistic roots play a huge part in bringing creativity to the design.

    How is sustainability embedded within your business?

    I feel very strongly that sustainability is the future for gardens. I always design with this in mind and I am constantly looking into new products and techniques to ensure a garden has a positive impact on its environment.

    What is the busiest time of year for you?


    How do you find new clients?

    Word of mouth and connections from my gardening years.

    Describe yourself in three words.

    Creative, strong-willed, sensitive.

    What are your unfulfilled career ambitions?

    To be a land artist – I have always dreamt of bringing my sculpture roots to the design of bigger landscapes in a conceptual and artistic way.

    Best book you’ve ever read?

    The Songlines by Bruce Chatwin.

    Your most inspirational garden?

    My whole concept of what a garden could be changed when I worked in Anthony Paul’s The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden. It felt like a whole new world and the scale and naturalistic style still inspires me.

    If you could be any Superhero – who would it be?

    Wonder Woman! It would make life in general much easier – and what a great outfit too…



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