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Little Interviews Expanded – Adam Stewart

by | 22 Jan 24 | From the Mag, News, Opinion

Following the launch of the Pro Landscaper Business Awards 2024, taking place on Friday 19 April and this year, welcoming a series of new categories which allow us to open entries to explore even more understated businesses and achievements from across the industry – we wanted to catch up with some of our previous winners and see how times have changed since receiving their award.

Your name: Adam Stewart 

Your position: Director at Utopia Landscapes – based in Chichester, West Sussex, Utopia Landscapes is a professional landscaping horticultural practice, family-oriented business.

Winner – Pro Landscaper Business Awards 2023 – New Company (Under 2 years old) 


Since winning your award at the Pro Landscaper Business Awards, how has this benefited your business? 

It’s a unique selling point with clients that distinguishes our services, and it helps with differentiation in the market, setting our business apart from competitors. It also enhances our business’s credibility, adding to our already trustworthy reputation.  


What do you believe that you gained from entering these awards? 

 Recognition for all of the hard work we put into building the company.  


What have the biggest challenges been across the year? 

Trying to take on too much for myself and burning out as a result. Putting too much pressure on myself and the team to be better and continually striving for perfection, not having Nicole to work on the business whilst she was studying at LCGD, and more recently, all the bad weather. 


What do you think is the reason behind these challenges? 

The amount of pressure I put myself under and being admittedly impatient. 


What are you most looking forward to for the new year? 

Working with designers, more plant design work, new challenges. Looking at ways of using modern technology to provide a better service. 


Exciting upcoming projects? 

Yes, all of them! We’re in a great position now where we are winning the best jobs and clients we’ve ever had and it’s an amazing feeling. 


New developments within the company? 

Having Nicole graduate from LCGD with a distinction in planting design means we can really delve into the plants side of things and offer our clients an even better service/experience than ever before. We can also offer this as a stand-alone service which is great for business and development. 

Looking to expand the products and services we’re able to offer. 


Would you recommend entering an award with Pro Landscaper? 

Definitely. We’ve received recognition from it, and it’s positively impacted on the business. We had a fantastic night at the awards which was also full of great networking opportunities. 


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