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Living Landscapes sponsors and builds ‘The Perennial Giving Garden’ and the ‘All the World’s a Stage’ garden

Living Landscapes is the sponsor and contractor of The Perennial Giving Garden in the Water Gardens category, designed by Frederic Whyte and Darran Jaques. The aim of this garden is to raise awareness of the only trade charity dedicated to helping all horticulturists in need – Perennial – and to highlight the importance of gifts in wills.

The contemporary water garden is a stylish, urban space for a philanthropic professional couple that wants to leave their garden as a lasting legacy. The design fits their imagined brief for an outdoor living area that brings amusement and can also be used for entertaining.

A lush, eclectic planting palette complements the formal vistas and axes, teamed with elegant, streamlined hard landscaping. Water plays an important role: As well as a sunken lily pond, the garden features an inviting natural plunge pool, the perfect spot for a relaxing dip on a summer’s day. Inspired by 18th-century plunge pools, which were often situated in woodland glades, it is semi-shaded by an abundance of planting. Featuring bio-filtration technology supplied by Clear Water Revival, the water inside it is so pure it’s drinkable.

The hallmarks of deluxe living are everywhere. Harrod Horticultural provides a stunning metalwork pergola, which is decked out with furnishings from luxury garden furniture specialist Gavin Jones. Stunning paving and wall tiles, kindly supplied by London Stone, are integral to the ambience of tasteful lavishness and total comfort.

Perennial’s influence is evident in various design elements such as the Arts and Crafts style sunken lily pond, reminiscent of York Gate Garden near Leeds, and the plunge pool, immersed in greenery, evoking the secluded beauty of Fullers Mill Garden in Suffolk.

For Frederic, a show garden is a chance to support worthy causes. Having previously worked with The Bounce Back Foundation and Amnesty International, he says: “The huge effort and team work involved in creating this garden is a testament to the vast reservoir of expertise in the horticultural sector, and justified by their collective support of Perennial.”

Designer Darran Jaques has been a stalwart fundraiser for Perennial for a number of years as a member of the infamous Grubby Gardeners.

The creation of the Perennial Giving Garden brings together a collective of supporters and suppliers including Living Landscapes as sponsor and contractor, London Stone, Harrod Horticultural, Clear Water Revival, Glendale Horticulture and other small specialist nurseries.

Living Landscapes is also teaming up with designer Lunaria Landscapes as sponsor and contractor of this multi-layered, experiential space, All the World’s a Stage, which takes centre stage in the show gardens category.

In the year that marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, the ‘All the World’s a Stage’ garden celebrates his remarkable literary talent. As Hampton Court Palace and Shakespeare share a rich history, it’s apt to do so at the Palace’s admired flower show.

Shakespeare’s ‘Seven Ages of Man’ is transformed into a garden where the visitor is the actor. With a clearly defined stepped entrance and exit, show-goers are invited to play their part upon the stage, interacting with seven ‘Pools of Reflection’, which they encounter as they are directed one-way around the garden.

Visitors can gaze into the basins and reflect upon their own life journey. At first, they descend into the ‘lushness of youth’, enveloped by gunnera and ferns; then they move towards the ‘barrenscape of death’ characterised by dry grasses and sinister aeonium.

The oval garden features a ‘sunken stage’ enclosed by seating terraces. Multi-stemmed trees around its perimeter provide shade, while blurring the garden’s boundaries. This strengthens its bond with Hampton Court Palace and its connection with Shakespeare.

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